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The UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy (ESOP) faculty members and other partners in education lead continuing professional development programs through our School’s partnership with North Carolina Area Health Education Centers (AHEC).

The ESOP/AHEC partnership is a collaborative effort to meet the educational and career needs of North Carolina’s healthcare professionals, researchers, and educators. This partnership has been active for several decades, providing professional development and training opportunities for healthcare professionals. Together, we work to train a diverse workforce to support a healthy North Carolina.

Take a look through our faculty database to find a AHEC Topic Area. To request a faculty member please fill out this form.


Last Name First Name AHEC Topic Areas Directory
ANKSORUS HEIDI Mental health (including mental health first aid training); how to translate point of care to broader IPE audience
BROUWER KIM Drug-Induced Liver Injury, Pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism and transport
CHURCH RACHEL drug-induced liver injury
CORBETT AMANDA Integrative medicine; Dietary supplements
DUMOND JULIE antiretroviral therapy for HIV treatment and prevention; research design for preceptors (ex/ pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamic modeling)
EASTER JON Payment and care delivery models (ex: value-based healthcare); population health, quality indicators, health information technology; research for preceptors, building and sustaining new models of practice
ECKEL STEPHEN Medication distribution in health system pharmacy; medication safety; global health
FERRERI STEFANIE Building and sustaining new practice models in outpatient setting (ex: community pharmacies, integration with primary care)
FRICK AMBER clinical pharmacology, pharmacogenomics
HARRIS SUZANNE Wellbeing and resiliency for healthcare professionals; psychiatric/mental health (ex/ depression, schizophrenia)
IVES TIMOTHY Pain/palleative care (ex/ drug abuse misuse, opioids); interprofessional primary care practice
JACKSON KLARISSA drug metabolism, toxicology, pharmacokinetics
KISER STEPHANIE Rural health (including interprofessional models of care), health disparities
LEE CRAIG precision medicine/Pharmacogenomics, drug metabolism, Cardiovascular therapeutics (antiplatelet drugs)
LIVET MELANIE research methods for preceptors (ex: implementation science, health behavior, health services/outcomes, qualitative research methods)
LOOP MATTHEW statistical methods for preceptors (ex/ multilevel modeling, bayesian modeling, time to event analysis)
MARCINIAK MACARY Building and sustaining new practice models in outpatient setting (ex: immunizations, injectiable medications, point of care testing services, optimizing medication therapy)
MCCLURG MARY Building and sustaining new practice models in primary care (comprehensive medication management, medication therapy management)
MCLAUGHLIN JACQUELINE research methods for preceptors (ex: faculty/preceptor development, currciulum development, DEI, programmatic assessment and evaluation)
MORBITZER KATHRYN research methods for preceptors
OZAWA SACHIKO global health (medications and vaccines)
PATTERSON JAMES heart failure
PERSKY ADAM curriculum development for   preceptors
REITTER NICOLE Type 2 diabetes therapies, diabetes prevention
RHONEY-METZGER DENISE Stroke, tramatic brain injury, epilepsy
RODGERS PHILIP Interprofessional education and practice; diabetes therapies
RODGERS JO cardio-oncology, heart failure
SANDERS KIMBERLY Opioid prescribing and practice updates; medication-related issues in oral health; interprofessional education and practice
SCOTT MOLLIE Building and sustaining new practice models in primary care;    contraception; osteoporosis; falls reduction; diabetes prevention
SHEPHERD JOHN clinical toxicology, poisoning, and overdose; disaster preparedness (chemical, biological, and radiological events)
STURPE DEBORAH anticoagulation, women’s health
WATKINS PAUL Drug-Induced Liver Injury
WHITE CARLA Diversity, equity, and inclusion
WILLIAMS CHARLENE Faculty/preceptor development; diabetes
WILTSHIRE TIMOTHY Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacogenomics
ZEEMAN JACQUELINE Research methods for preceptors (mixed methods, educational research); curriculum and interprofessional education assessment