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Working from bench to bedside

The Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics has the unique responsibility within the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy to provide classroom and clinical instruction for pharmacy students in the practice of pharmacy and to train graduate and postgraduate scientists in the principles of translational research. We engage in innovative teaching and research, preparing our students to be professional and scientific leaders.

Our PhD program develops scientists who excel at conducting innovative and clinically relevant translational research that integrates biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences in a laboratory- and computer-based environments that leverage preclinical and clinical investigations.

We generate and disseminate new knowledge in pharmacotherapy and accelerate its application to improve patient care through:

  • Delivering innovative education and training
  • Integrating experimental and clinical pharmacology discoveries into the practice of precision medicine
  • Unique collaborations with industry, regulatory agencies, renowned health science centers, and international entities
  • Leading and participating in local, state, national and international organizations, communities, and programs.
  • Engaging students in innovative clinical and translational research

Tracks for Clinicians and Non-Clinicians

The concentration area in pharmacotherapy and experimental therapeutics was developed with two curricular tracks based on previous experience of the applicant:

  • Clinician track: for students with a Pharm.D. or M.D., or equivalent
  • Nonclinician track: for highly motivated, exceptionally qualified students lacking previous clinical training

Areas of coursework and research

  • Drug metabolism and transport
  • Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics/pharmacometrics
  • Pharmacogenomics/genomics
  • Clinical research
  • Experimental therapeutics
  • Mechanisms of drug toxicity

These are applied to therapeutic areas, including:

  • cardiovascular disease,
  • epilepsy/neurological diseases,
  • hepatology/gastroenterology/transplant,
  • infectious disease/HIV,
  • oncology/hematology, and
  • pulmonary disease

Graduates from both tracks have enjoyed an outstanding employment rate in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

DPET Graduate Program Information Session & Brochure

We recently hosted a DPET Graduate Program informational webinar and Q&A session. Click the button below to watch the recording.

Recorded Webinar Brochure


Faculty and Staff

Our faculty include clinical practitioners who bring insights from the patient-care setting to their teaching, translational research, and professional service activities. Many of our faculty hold joint appointments in the UNC School of Medicine, the Department of Pharmacy at the UNC Medical Center, and other allied health schools. They lend their expertise through speaking engagements and memberships on advisory panels and committees, and play important roles in local, state, national, and international organizations.

DPET Faculty

Derek Bartlett

Derek Bartlett, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. His research focuses on the combination of quantitative systems pharmacology modeling and microfluidic perfusion systems as an animal-alternative approach for the systematic interrogation of drug pharmacokinetic (PK)-pharmacodynamic (PD) relationships.

Kim L. R. Brouwer

(919) 962-7030

Kim L.R. Brouwer, Pharm.D., Ph.D., is the William R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, associate dean for research and graduate education, and a professor in the curriculum in toxicology.

Yanguang Cao

(919) 966-4040

Yanguang Cao, Ph.D., joined the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy initially as an assistant professor and then promoted as an associate professor in the division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. Prior to joining the School, Cao served as a research assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo for two years after completing a postdoctoral training program at SUNY, Buffalo.

Amber Cipriani


Amber Cipriani, Pharm.D., joined the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy as a clinical assistant professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapy. Cipriani’s appointment is cofunded by UNC Hospitals, where she serves as a clinical oncology specialist in thoracic oncology.

Amanda Corbett

(919) 843-2280

Amanda Corbett, Pharm.D., is an associate professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics and the Global Pharmacology Coordinator for the UNC Institute of Global Health and Infectious Diseases. Her expertise are in HIV, antiviral, and opportunistic infection clinical pharmacy and ethnopharmacology. She has extensive experience in developing countries and more recently in integrative medicine practices.

Mackenzie Leigh Cottrell

Mackenzie Cottrell, Pharm.D., M.S. is an assistant professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. Her research focuses on describing pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic relationships in mucosal tissues for antiretrovirals being used in HIV prevention and cure interventions.

Daniel Crona

(919) 966-4343

Daniel Crona, Pharm.D., Ph.D., joined the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy in 2015. His translational research program focuses on how genetic variations can lead to differences in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of therapeutic treatments used in oncology, and how inter-individual differences in clinical pharmacology measures can affect survival and drug toxicity phenotypes.

Julie Dumond

(919) 966-5017

Julie Dumond, Pharm.D., M.S., is an associate professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. Her primary research interest is the pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of antiretrovirals. She is currently conducting a clinical study in aging, HIV-infected subjects to explore the effects of cellular aging and frailty on antiretroviral toxicity and efficacy.

Robert Dupuis

(919) 966-6194

Robert Dupuis, PharmD, FCCO, is a clinical professor and vice department chair within the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. Dr. Dupuis is also the division’s director of fellowship programs. In this role, he advises postdoctoral fellows on clinical research in the areas of regulatory affairs, medical affairs, clinical development, and pharmacometrics. Dr. Dupuis has expertise in clinical pharmacology, drug metabolism, drug disposition, pharmacogenomics, adverse effects, outcomes and enhancement of care.

Muluneh M. Fashe

Muluneh M. Fashe, Ph.D., is a research assistant professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. His research goal is to develop and validate in vitro experimental models that can be used to provide mechanistic explanations for altered xenobiotic metabolism and clearance and optimize the safe and effective use of therapeutics in patients.

Amber Frick

(919) 962-5495

Amber Frick, Pharm.D., Ph.D., is an assistant professor with the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. Her main responsibilities at the School are to develop an expertise in the implementation and assessment of new approaches to and best practices in teaching while also taking part in collaborative teaching activities.

Erin Heinzen

(919) 843-5981

The Heinzen Lab focuses on the genetic and genomic basis of epilepsy disorders, including analyses of the role of germline mutations, somatic mutations, and how regulation of the cellular transcriptome influences the risk and presentation of seizures. In collaboration with a number of investigators in neurology, neuropathology, and neurosurgery, my group is to studies the role of somatic mutations in epilepsy and other neurological diseases.

Ian B. Hollis


Ian B. Hollis, PharmD, FCCP, BCCP is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. Ian coordinates a course in the Integrative Pharmacotherapy series and teaches in several PharmD courses. His practice and research interests include the medication management of patients with heart failure, and those status post cardiac surgery, left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) placement, and/or heart transplantation.

Klarissa Dawniette Jackson

(919) 962-5551

Klarissa Jackson joined the faculty at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy as an assistant professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. Jackson obtained her B.S. in chemistry from Jackson State University and her Ph.D. in pharmacology from Vanderbilt University. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry under the mentorship of Drs. Allan Rettie and Sidney Nelson. Prior to joining the faculty at UNC, Jackson was as an assistant professor at Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University.

Angela Kashuba

(919) 966-1122

Dr. Kashuba’s research focuses on the clinical pharmacology of drugs used in the treatment, prevention, and cure of HIV infection. She is working on optimizing dosing strategies for HIV prevention including the role of sex and ethnicity, characterizing drug distribution in putative viral reservoirs using mass spectrometry imaging, determining predictors of drug tissue distribution, and developing in vitro models for optimizing combination therapy for HIV cure.

Craig Lee

(919) 843-7673

Craig Lee, Pharm.D, Ph.D. is a professor and the chair of the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. His research focuses on cytochrome P450 metabolism, cardiovascular experimental therapeutics, and precision medicine/pharmacogenomics.

Benyam Muluneh

(919) 962-0070

Benyam Muluneh, Pharm.D., is an assistant professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. Muluneh coordinates a course in the integrative pharmacotherapy series and teaches in several PharmD courses. His research interests include optimization of pharmacotherapy in leukemias through the precision dosing initiative and a multidimensional approach to understanding and improving adherence to oral oncolytics. Muluneh also leads the school’s collaborations with Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia with a focus on hematology/oncology including serving as a GPS preceptor.

Adam M Persky

(919) 966-9104

Adam Persky is a professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. He teaches physiology and pharmacokinetics. His research focuses on translating the science of learning and memory into practical application in the classroom and experiential settings.

Jo Ellen Rodgers

(919) 962-2249

Jo Ellen Rodgers, Pharm.D., is a professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics and serves as director of postdoctoral programs for the Eshelman School of Pharmacy. Rodgers’ primary research interest is in the care of heart failure patients.

Elias Rosen

(919) 962-5151

Dr. Rosen’s research focuses on the development of methods to measure intracellular distribution of therapeutics and their metabolites in a variety of biological matrices using mass spectrometry imaging. He is currently quantifying the penetration of drugs relevant to HIV treatment and eradication into putative viral reservoirs, and combining this approach with traditional imaging modalities to evaluate efficacy of experimental treatment regimens.

Zhenwei Song

Dr. Song’s research is focused on developing safer and more efficient AAV vectors for liver-target gene therapy. He is working on the evaluation of hepatotoxicity risks in 3D spheroids models for AAV gene therapy.

Deborah Sturpe

(919) 966-0512

Deborah Sturpe, PharmD, MA, BCPS is a clinical associate professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. Her primary responsibilities in the Eshelman School of Pharmacy include didactic teaching, ambulatory care practice, and investigating how to best teach and assess students. In particular, she is interested in PharmD curricular revision and curricular/program assessment planning as well as best practices in competency education and performance-based assessment. Dr. Sturpe also serves as Associate Editor for Manuscript Quality for the journal Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning.

Patricia Termini


Patricia Termini, M.S., RAC, is an associate professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics as well as the director of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy’s Master of Professional Science (MPS) in Regulatory Science program.

Jacqueline B. Tiley

(919) 962-0089

Jacqueline B. Tiley, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics. Her research interest is on disease- and drug-mediated alterations in hepatic and placental transport proteins and its impact on drug disposition and toxicity. Her overall goal is to improve the safety of medications used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as advance precision medicine strategies.

Paul B. Watkins


Paul Watkins, M.D., is director of the the Watkins Lab for Drug Safety Sciences at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and the Howard Q. Ferguson Distinguished Professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics.

Tim Wiltshire

(919) 843-5820

Tim Wiltshire, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics and Director of the UNC Center for Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy. The major focus of his laboratory and CPIT is to take the pharmacogenetic knowledge we already have and develop approaches for that information to be used effectively in clinical practice.

William Zamboni, PhD

(919) 843-6665

William Zamboni, Pharm.D., Ph.D., is a professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics and UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is the director of the UNC Advanced Translational Pharmacology and Analytical Chemistry (ATPAC) Lab and Recharge Center in the Eshelman School of Pharmacy, the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC), and the Carolina Institute of Nanomedicine. His research interests focus on the application of pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and pharmacogenetic principles in the optimization of the chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer.

DPET Joint Appointments

DPET Adjunct Faculty

Kirkwood Adams, MD
Adams is an associate professor of medicine and radiology at the UNC School of Medicine, Division of Cardiology.

Daniel K. Benjamin, Jr., MD, PhD, MPH
Benjamin is a recognized specialist, mentor and advisor in pediatric infectious diseases. He is a faculty associate director and Kiser-Arena Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics at Duke Clinical Research Institute.

Bob Blouin, PharmD
Blouin is president and CEO of Med Aditus International.

William Brock, PhD
Brock is the founder of Brock Scientific Consulting LLC which provides expert-led toxicology services to the pharmaceutical, consumer product, food, medical device, and chemical industries.

Gilbert Burckart, PharmD
Burkhart is the associate director of pediatrics in the office of clinical pharmacology at the US Food and Drug Administration.

Scott Clark
Clark is the founder of SCSClark Networks.

Michael Cohen-Wolkowiez, MD, PhD
Cohen-Wolkowiez is a professor of pediatrics at the Duke University School of Medicine and a member of the Duke Clinical Research Institute. He specializes in pediatric pharmacology and clinical trials.

Austin Combest, PharmD
Combest is the senior director of information and clinical science in global product development for PPD.

Eric Faulkner, MPH
Faulkner is an expert in patient-centric solutions and innovation for Altius Bioventures.

Mona Fiuzat, PharmD, FACC, FHFA, FHFSA
Fiuzat is an associate professor of medicine at Duke University, a senior scientific advisor at the FDA, an executive editor of JACC: Heart Failure, and a former senior scientific advisor to the FDA commissioner.

Ronald Fleming, PharmD
Fleming’s research area is oncology and provides expertise in the pharmaceutical industry.

Giulia Ghibellini, PhD
Ghibellini is the director of clinical pharmacology at Teva Pharmaceuticals. Her research expertise is in the fields of pharmacokinetics and clinical pharmacology.

Roberto Gomeni, PhD
Gomeni is the president and founder of PharmacoMetrica France, a company offering global consulting services in Pharmacometrics.

Daniel Gonzalez, PharmD, PhD
Gonzalez is a faculty member at the Duke Clinical Research Institute/Duke University School of Medicine.

Alison Harrill, PhD
Harrill is an associate director for toxicology at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Center for Computational Toxicology and Exposure

Paavo Honkakoski, PhD

Matthew Loop, PhD
Loop is an assistant professor focusing on health outcomes research and policy at Auburn University, Harrison College of Pharmacy.

Alison A. Motsinger-Reif, PhD
Motsinger-Reif’s research at the North Carolina State University is focused on pharmacogenetics and bioinformatics.

Prem Narang, PhD, FCP
Narang is a strategic regulatory & drug development innovation advisor and president of P.K. Narang Strategic Consulting, LLC.

Kouros Owzar
Owzar is a professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics at Duke University, Division of Integrative Genomics.

Jai Narendra Patel, PharmD
At the Carolina HealthCare System’s Levine Cancer Institute, Patel is involved in preclinical drug development research.

Nita Patel
Patel is a senior research advisor in drug disposition at Eli Lilly and Company. She focuses on drug development.

Kenneth Phares, PhD
Phares has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in the areas of preformulation, formulation development, and bioanalytical method development.

Bob Powell, PharmD
Powell is a clinical pharmacologist who is interested in developing better dosing strategies in emerging markets with the goal of making drugs safer and more effective.

Gauri Rao, PharmD, MS
Rao is an associate professor of clinical pharmacy at the Titus Family Department of Clinical Pharmacy at the University of Southern California.

Virginia Schmith, PhD, FCP
Schmith has extensive research experience in clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics.

Todd Schwartz
Schwartz is a director at the US Environmental Protection Agency, National Center for Computational Toxicology

Dianna Severynse-Stevens
Severynse-Stevens has expertise in pharmaceutical product development and regulatory affairs.

Frank Sistare, PhD
Sistare is a retired scientific associate vice president of safety assessment & laboratory animal resources preclinical development at Merck Research Laboratories.

Russell Thomas, PhD
Thomas is the director for the EPA’s National Center for Computational Toxicology. His research is focused on genomic biology and bioinformatics.

Jian Wang, PhD, MSRS, FCP
Wang is the the global head of translational, oncology regulatory science, strategy and excellence for AstraZeneca.

Daniel Weiner, PhD
Weiner’s expertise is in the field of pharmacometrics and pharmaceutical biostatistics.

Maciej Jan Zamek-Gilszczynski, PhD
Zamek-Gilszczynski is a scientific director at GlaxoSmithKline. His research focuses on preclinical drug development.

Darryl Zeldin, MD
Zeldin is a senior investigator in the Immunity, Inflammation, and Disease Laboratory / Environmental Cardiopulmonary Disease Group at the NIEHS.

Zhiyang Zhao
Zhao is Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Resolian.

DPET Emeritus Faculty

J. Heyward Hull

J. Heyward Hull is a professor emeritus in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics.

Herb Patterson

Herb Patterson, Pharm.D., is a is a professor emeritus in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics.

Wayne Pittman

Wayne Pittman is a professor emeritus in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics.

DPET Primary Staff

September 2023

  • Assistant Professor Benyam Muluneh, PharmD, was recently awarded a two-year grant totaling $139,771 from the NIH National Cancer Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) for his project titled Implementation of a Medication Adherence Intervention for Chronic Leukemia Patients.
  • Fourth-year graduate student Bethany Latham was a co-author on a mini-review article from the Jackson lab that was published in the October 2023 issue ofDrug Metabolism and Disposition (DMD). The artwork Bethany designed for the article made the cover of DMD.
  • Professor Paul Watkins, MD, successfully renewed his NIH/NIDDK U01 grant, which will provide $1.9M over 5 years to support UNC as a Clinical Center in the Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network (DILIN).

August 2023

  • Associate Professor Ian Hollis, PharmD, was named President Elect for the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Cardiology Practice and Research Networks (PRN).
  • Fifth-year graduate student Billy Murphy, PharmD, was selected for the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease Abstract Award for his abstract titled Bile Salt Efflux Pump (BSEP) Membrane-Localized Zonal Abundance in Human Liver Tissue from Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). The AASLDFoundation Abstract Awards recognize excellence in research performed by early-career investigators and support travel-related costs to attend the annual meeting in Boston this November.
  • Industry fellow Lia Upchurch, PharmD, was awarded the Lineberger Cancer Outcomes Travel Grant to attend the American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference this December.

July 2023

  • Professor Bob Dupuis, PharmD, received the UNC Medical Center’s 2023 Fred M. Eckel Pharmacy Leadership Award! The award is presented annually in recognition of an individual associated with the UNC Hospitals and Clinics post-graduate pharmacy training programs who has demonstrated sustained professional contributions to pharmacy practice throughout his or her career and is a tribute to the impact that Fred Eckel had in establishing their programs.
  • Associate Professor Erin Heinzen, PharmD, PhD received a renewal of her NIH R01 award. The funding renewal is a 5-year, $3.3 million renewal and is a collaborative grant to collect and perform genomic analysis on individuals with malformations of cortical development collected at five collection sites, including UNC, to identify the genetic causes of disease, and titled Identification and molecular characterization of somatic mutations in MCD.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has awarded the Eshelman School of Pharmacy $50 million to establish and support a Research Triangle Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (Triangle CERSI). Professor Paul Watkins, MD, will be the lead principal investigator. The Center will support a partnership between UNC, Duke, NC State, and NC Central to establish relationships with FDA scientists to create and expedite utilization of new knowledge in regulatory science to better inform the FDA’s decisions and guidance documents.

June 2023

  • Professor Emeritus Herb Patterson, PharmD, was awarded the American College of Clinical Pharmacy Robert M. Elenbaas Service Award for his outstanding contributions to ACCP that are well above and beyond the usual devotion of time and energy. The award will be presented during the Awards Ceremony at the 2023 ACCP Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX, on Sunday, November 12.

May 2023

  • Professor Adam Persky, PhD, MS, was announced as a recipient of the Robert K. Chalmers Distinguished Pharmacy Educator Award from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). The award recognizes his outstanding contributions to pharmacy education and research.
  • Professor Paul Watkins, MD, was chosen to receive the American College of Toxicology (ACT) Distinguished Scientist Award in Toxicology for his contributions to the field of toxicology and his numerous contributions to advancing the understanding of drug-induced liver injury. He will deliver a keynote lecture and be honored during the Awards Ceremony at the ACT Annual Meeting in November.
  • Professor Jo Ellen Rodgers, PharmD, was elected to serve as the American College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP) president-elect during annual elections. During her three-year term, she will progress through her appointment each year as president-elect, president, and past president.

April 2023

  • An abstract submitted by Benyam Muluneh, PharmD, to HOPA’s 2023 Annual Conference, Strategies for Implementing an Oral Medication Adherence Intervention, has been awarded the 2023 Quality Research Certificate. UNC/GSK Medical Affairs Fellow, JB Collins, contributed significantly to this project over this past year. Their work was recognized by HOPA because it demonstrated an understanding of quality and value metrics and the quality improvement process, as well as the potential to impact the current practice of cancer care.
  • An abstract submitted by Amanda Corbett, PharmD, to the 2023 Integrative Medicine and Health Symposium, Variability in Integrative Medicine Education Requirements Among Western Health Care Professions: A Report on Accreditation Standards, was selected for an oral presentation. PharmD student Sarah Gorban led the project.
  • Amanda Corbett, PharmD, was quoted in a recent DTH article focused on the N.C. Compassionate Care Act. This bill was recently passed by the NC Senate and proposes to legalize medical marijuana for patients with cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. (
  • First-year Industry Fellow Jeanne Dulie Kom Nzia, PharmD, received a travel award to attend an annual workshop hosted by The Network of Minority Health Research Investigators (NMRI) and supported by theNational Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). Dr. Kom presented her poster titled “Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Pioglitazone: Evaluating the Effect of the Cytochrome P450 2C8*2 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism” during the workshop in Bethesda, Maryland.
  • UNC-United Therapeutics Medical Affairs FellowSarah Kaspari, PharmD, was responsible for the development of a poster and platform presentation “Knowledge Gaps and Educational Needs for Common Cancer Therapy-Related Cardiovascular Toxicities and Related Drug Interactions” at the recent Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA)  The poster was elevated to a platform which received the Platform Research Award Winner for Excellence in Poster Presentation and Content. Second year fellows, Preston Skersick, PharmD, RPh, BCMAS and Kelsey Truitt, PharmD, also contributed significantly to this project.

March 2023

  • GSK Medical Affairs Fellow JB Collins, PharmD is a recipient of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Cancer Outcomes Research Program’s Travel Award. He will present his work on medication adherence interventions at the Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA) conference March 29-April 1 in Phoenix.
  • Associate Professor Gauri Rao, PhD, has been selected as the winner of the annual Excellence in Academia Award for Simulation Plus. Simulations Plus provides modeling and simulation software for QSP, PBPK, and PBBM. The award will be presented on Wednesday, 2/15 during the awards ceremony at the online MIDD+ conference. Congratulations to Gauri for this award.
  • Assistant Professor Klarissa Jackson, PhD, was elected as Secretary/Treasurer of the ASPET Division for Drug Metabolism and Disposition. She will begin her 3-year term on July 1, 2023.
  • Fifth-year graduate student Ricardo Gonzalez participated in the eighth annual American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Early-career Hill Day on March 2 in Washington, DC. Ricardo was one of 20 trainees and early-career scientists who conduct cancer research selected to participate. The event was an opportunity for the researchers to meet with members of Congress and/or their staff to convey the importance of federal funding for medical research. The participants called on Congress to provide at least $50.9 billion to the NIH, which is a $3.4 billion increase over the fiscal year 2023 program level.

February 2023

  • The laboratory of Carter Cao published an original research article “Mapping lesion-specific response and progression dynamics and inter-organ variability in metastatic colorectal cancer” in Nature Communications. Jiawei Zhou, PhD, a 2022 DPET PhD graduate, was first author and Dr. Amber Cipriani was second author.
  • The ASPET Division for Drug Metabolism and Disposition has awarded Klarissa Jackson, PhD, the 2023 Richard Okita Early Career Award in Drug Metabolism and Disposition, which recognizes excellent original research by early career investigators in the area of drug metabolism and disposition. The award will be presented by the Division for Drug Metabolism and Disposition on Saturday, May 20th during the ASPET 2023 Annual Meeting in St. Louis. Dr. Jackson will present a lecture on her work, titled “Drug Metabolism in Understudied Ethnic Populations” as part of the annual meeting.

January 2023

  • Graduate student Billy Murphy (Kim Brouwer Lab) was awarded a ASCPT 2023 Annual Meeting Student/Trainee Grant for his abstract titled, “Leveraging Machine Learning to Quantify Changes in Cellular Localization and Zonal Distribution of Transporters in Liver Tissue from Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.”
  • Postdoctoral fellow Muluneh Fashe (Craig Lee Lab) was awarded a ASCPT 2023 Annual Meeting Student/Trainee Grant for his abstract titled, “Impact of Pregnancy on the Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism of Nicotinamide in Humans.”

December 2022

  • Dr. Jacqueline Tiley was awarded a $10K UNC Junior Faculty Development Award for her project “Quantification of Placental Transport Proteins via Minimally Invasive Sampling to Predict Fetal Drug Exposure.”
  • Dr. Benyam Muluneh was awarded a $10K UNC Junior Faculty Development Award for his project “Evaluating Treatment Among Older Adults with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.”
  • Professor Jo Ellen Rodgers has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious University 2023 Distinguished Teaching Awards for Post-Baccalaureate Instruction. Recipients of the 2023 University Teaching Awards were recognized on Monday, February 13th during a pre-game ceremony before the University of Miami vs. UNC men’s basketball game at the Dean E. Smith Center.
  • DPET Graduate Program Coordinator Suzie Roth was awarded the 2022 Phyllis Smith Staff Award. This $500 award is given annually to an employee of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy in recognition of overall excellence in performance and contribution to the school. The recipient is committed to the school’s pursuit of excellence through demonstrated business practices and should possess the following traits: Leadership, Effective team member, Positive attitude, and Enthusiasm.

November 2022

  • Industry fellow Michele Muir (sponsored by Benyam Muluneh) was awarded $ 50,000 from the St. Jude-WashU Implementation Science Collaborative to support our work with St. Jude in the evaluation of their cancer registry in many low to middle-income countries (regions involved: Eurasia, sub-Saharan Africa, Central & South America, Asia Pacific, Eastern Mediterranean)

October 2022

  • Gauri Rao has been approved for funding for 2 years $112, 000 to the Pilot and Feasibility Awards – Spring 2022 program of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF). The focus of this award is: Establishing a preclinical model for evaluating phage therapy for Mycobacterium abscessus infection.

August/September 2022

  • Danny Gonzalez received the 2023 ASCPT Leon I. Goldberg Early Investigator Award, which honors an academic, industrial, or regulatory scientist who has made a substantial contribution to clinical pharmacology within 10 years of the completion of an advanced degree and/or a post-doctoral fellowship or residency program. The award will be presented to Dr. Gonzalez at the ASCPT Annual Meeting in March 2023 (in Atlanta, GA), which will be accompanied by a research presentation.
  • Johghwa (Kyle) Lee (postdoc in the Jackson Lab) presented his work titled “Ibrutinib metabolism in vitro is correlated with hepatic CYP3A expression and activity and plasma 4β-hydroxycholesterol/cholesterol ratio” at the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX)/Microsomes and Drug Oxidations (MDO) 2022 Meeting in Seattle and was awarded 2nd place for the best presentation in the postdoctoral category.
  • Gauri Rao received a NIH/NIAID R01 grant for her project titled, “Development of a broad spectrum teixobactin-lipopeptide hybrid for the treatment of lung infections caused by pan-drug resistant ‘superbugs.’” The funding will provide $3.6M in research funding over a 5-year period.
  • Dan Crona was selected as an author on the Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) guideline update for CYP3A5/tacrolimus.
  • Dennis Williams was selected as Vice Chair for the Geriatric Pharmacy Specialty Council for the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) beginning in 2023.
  • Benyam Muluneh is the UNC site Co-PI on a 5-year international collaborative NIH/NCI U01 grant titled, “Adapting a point of the use test card, the chemoPAD, for protecting chemotherapy drug quality in sub-Saharan Africa.” The UNC site was awarded $667K of the $2.7M overall project award.
  • Jo Ellen Rodgers has been nominated and selected as the recipient of this year’s ACCP Cardiology PRN Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Rodgers will be recognized for this outstanding achievement at the October 2022 ACCP Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy in San Francisco.

June 2022

  • Fifth-year graduate student Jessica Beers was selected as a recipient of the AFPE Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She was selected from a highly accomplished pool of applicants.
  • Second-year graduate student Meethila Gade, MPH, was accepted into the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Single Cell Analysis Course and received a scholarship from Regeneron to help cover the course fee. CSHL offers this highly competitive course to teach students cutting-edge wet-lab approaches for single cell analysis and to provide familiarity with basic bioinformatic approaches to single cell data.

May 2022

  • Benyam Muluneh served on a multidisciplinary guideline panel to develop recommendations on Oral Chemotherapy Adherence for Oncology Nursing Society (ONS). The guideline is available at: Sarah Belcher (University of Pittsburgh), Emily Mackler (Michigan Oncology Quality Consortium) and Benyam served as leads for the guideline.
  • Two DPET faculty members were honored at the 2022 Awards Ceremony: Adam Persky for PY1 Instructor of the Year and Dennis Williams for PY3 Instructor of the Year. In addition, PharmD student JB Collins received the DPET award for demonstrating a high degree of professional motivation and and has generated and disseminated new knowledge in pharmacotherapy and/or accelerated its application to improve patient care.
  • Adam Persky (in collaboration with UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy faculty members Kathryn Fuller and Nicole Pinelli) received the 2022 Award for Excellence in Assessment from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). The award acknowledges an assessment initiative or project that improves a PharmD program through continuous quality improvement. Their project entry focused on their Redesigned Entrustable Professional Activity Assessments in Pharmacy Practice Experiences.

March/April 2022

  • Research performed by the Gonzalez lab in collaboration with Duke University and the Pediatric Trials Network resulted in medication label change for diazepam use in pediatric patients 3 months to 17 years of age, and a separate medical label change that added dosing information for clindamycin use in premature and term infants. Danny Gonzalez spent a large portion of his T32 fellowship training and first year on faculty working on these analyses.
  • Craig Lee is first author on a recently published Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) Guideline for CYP2C19 Genotype and Clopidorgrel Therapy
  • Jo Ellen Rodgers, along with her colleague Dr. Craig Beavers, led a writing group in developing a statement titled Cardio-oncology Drug Interactions: A Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association. The statement addresses the importance of drug interactions used in managing cardiovascular disease in patients with cancer.
  • Four DPET trainees received $200 travel awards at the 2022 Pharmaceutical Sciences Research & Graduate Education Retreat. Jiawei Zhou (fourth-year grad student) won for Best 3-minute Thesis Presentation. Jessica Beers (fourth-year grad student) won a Best Poster Award. Tyler Dunlap (industry fellow) won for Best Podium Presentation. Preston Skersick (industry fellow) won a Best Poster Award.

February 2022

  • Bill Zamboni has been promoted to Professor effective 3/15/22.
  • Kim Brouwer was recognized by UNC for 35 years of service with the state of North Carolina.
  • Bob Dupuis was recognized by UNC for 35 years of service with the state of North Carolina.
  • Craig Lee was recognized by UNC for 15 years of service with the state of North Carolina.
  • Klarissa Jackson received the 2022 ASPET Division for Translational and Clinical Pharmacology Early Career Award. The award recognizes excellence in translational and clinical pharmacology research that comes from early career scientists. Klarissa was chosen for her work with translational research in drug metabolism/toxicology on individual variations of cytochrome P450 enzymes that aim to elucidate the mechanisms of and risk factors for adverse drug reactions. She will receive the award at the ASPET Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in April.
  • Bill Zamboni was appointed as a member of the Pharmaceutical Science and Clinical Pharmacology Advisory Committee of the US Food and Drug Administration.
  • Jiawei Zhou is the recipient of this year’s Heyward Hull Travel Award. She will receive funding for an upcoming conference.
  • Carter Cao and SOM collaborator Justin Milner have won the 2021 Intersect Fellowship Award from The American Association of Immunologists. The proposal title is: Driving T cell residency and functionality in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

January 2022

  • Julie Leemkuil won the “Positivity Award (Staff Impact Awards)” at the December Staff Holiday Event. This award is for the person who is upbeat and exhibits the can-do spirit.  Talking to this person never fails to brighten your day because they exhibit respect and kindness always.
  • Sontina Greene won the “Making a Difference (Staff Impact Awards)” at the December Staff Holiday event. This person fosters morale and helps build a sense of community. They embrace diversity and inclusion of thought, backgrounds, and experiences that adds to the richness the School brings to the community.
  • Anh Nguyen and Julia Quintanilha has been selected as ASCPT Presidential Trainees. Anh is a Drug Development Fellow with the Lee lab and Julia is a post-doc with the Wiltshire lab.
  • Bethany Latham, a 2nd year graduate student was recognized as the 3rd place winner for her 3-minute presentation at the PharmAlliance Graduate Research E-Symposium.
  • Chitra Saran, a BBSP student in the Brouwer Lab has been selected as the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Highlighted Trainee Author for February 2022.

December 2021

  • Carter Cao was selected for a UNC Computational Medicine Program Pilot Award for his proposal titled Adaptive Vaccination: Model-informed peptide selection for neoantigen booster vaccines.
  • Danny Gonzalez, in collaboration with the BPCA Framework to Enable Pediatric Drug Developing Assemblies Team, have been selected to receive a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Collaboration Award. The Collaboration Award recognizes individuals who have advanced the Institute’s mission through successful collaboration with partners across NICHD or outside the Institute.
  • Gauri Rao in collaboration with Dr. Jian Li has received an R21 NIH/NIAID award for their project titled Towards the Translation of Synergistic Phage-Polymyxin Combination Therapy against Pandrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae: A Systems Approach.
  • Gauri Rao in collaboration with Dr. Babu Tekwani has received a grant from Southern Research Institute for their project titled Evaluation of Therapeutic Product Candidates in Bacterial in vitro Hollow Fiber Models.
  • Bill Zamboni in collaboration with Vickie Bae-Jump have received an NIH R21 award for their project titled Phase 1 Clinical Trial of Atezolizumab+ ONC201 using an Innovative Trial Design Parallel Cohorts of Obese and Non-Obese Patients with Metastaic/Recurrent Endometrial Cancer

November 2021

  • Carter Cao was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure
  • Dean Angela Kashuba gave the inaugural Charles Boucher Memorial Lecture for the International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of HIV, Hepatitis, and Antivirals.  This conference took place September 20th– September 22nd, 2021.  Her presentation was titled “Contributions of Pharmacology to HIV Cure”. (October 2021)
  • Kim Brouwer, in collaboration with Tom Kralj and Darren Creek, created a figure for their paper titled “Creek Analytical&Omics-Based Advances in Study of DILI Toxicol Sci 183.1-13, 2021” which was selected to be on the cover of the September issue of Toxicological Sciences.
  • Dan Crona was awarded an American Cancer Society (ACS) Research Scholar Grant for his work with Nate Hathaway and the dCas9-FKBP-CEM system and this grant will focus on repressing EPAS1 and activating VHL in kidney cancer.
  • Benyam Muluneh in collaboration with Katie Buhlinger, John Valgus, Maurice Alexander, Stephanie Jean and Suzanne Francart received the “Best Practice Award” by ASHP. They submitted an innovative model on managing Acute Myeloid Leukemia patients in the outpatient setting with intensive pharmacy support (for clinical monitoring) and advance technician roles (for drug access).
  • Dan Weiner received the 2022 Sheiner-Beal Pharmacometrics Award from ASCPT and he will be recognized during the 2022 ASCPT Annual Meeting which will take place March 16-18, 2022. (October 2021).
  • Jessica Beers, a 4th year graduate student, was selected as the Highlighted Trainee Author for the journal Drug Metabolism and Disposition for the October 2021 issue.
  • Anh Nguyen, a 1st year PPD Clinical Research/Drug Development Fellow was awarded an ASCPT Presidential Award for her abstract titled “Investigation of Cardiovascular Outcomes in black patients following implementation of CYP2C19 Genotype-guided Antiplatelet Therapy in a Real-World Clinical Setting.
  • Julia Quintanilha, a post-doc in the Wiltshire Lab was awarded an ASCPT Presidential Trainee Award for her abstract titled “Polygenic Risk Scores for blood pressure may predict risk of severe Bevacizumab-induced hypertension in cancer patients”.

September 2021

  • Mackenzie Cottrell received a two year R21 award for her proposal titled “Accelerating to the Cure: A Novel IVIVE Model for Advancing HIV Eradiction Strategies”.
  • Dan Crona received a second 3-yr grant from DoD for his proposal titled “Discovery of a First-in-Class MPP8 Antagonist to Reverse Lineage Plasticity in Bladder Cancer” and a DoD grant for “Discovery of a First-in-Class MPP8 Antagonist to Reverse Lineage Plasticity in Treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer.
  • Dan Crona received a grant from NIH/NIGMS Phase 1 for his grant titled “Site-specific epigenetic activation of TP53 to improve cancer therapy”.
  • Jacob Robinson, a RASP student who works in the Crona Lab, was awarded an AFPE Gateway to Research grant. He was the only UNC student to win this award.
  • Timothy Qi a first year graduate student has been named a Venture Catalyst Fellow for 2021-2022. He is one of ten UNC Graduate Students chosen for this program that provides fellows with business development skills in a real-world setting.

July 2021

  • Herb Patterson was selected as the 2021 Fred M. Eckel Pharmacy Leadership Award Recipient.

June 2021

  • Julie Dumond was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure effective July 1, 2021.
  • Craig Lee was promoted to Professor with tenure effective July 1, 2021.
  • Dan Crona received a 3-year grant from DoD for his proposal titled “Discovery of a First-In-Class MPP8 Antagonist to Reverse Lineage Plasticity in Treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer”.
  • Rachel Church and Merrie Mosedale were selected to receive a 2021 Burroughs Wellcome Fund Center Career Guidance for Trainees awards. The title of their proposal is “Micro-Credentials to Support Career Readiness for Pharmaceutical Industry Roles”. This award will be used to develop a micro-credential for the Ph.D. students from the “Fundamentals of Regulatory Affairs” course in the Regulatory Science Master’s Program.
  • Danny Gonzalez, has been selected as the first Hartmut Derendorf Young Investigator Lecture Award Winner. This annual award recognizes a meeting presenter who is also a young investigator at the Marbach Castle-Drug Interaction Workshop. Dr. Hartmut Derendorf was a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at The University of Florida, College of Pharmacy.  He was considered one of the “fathers” of modern pharmacokinetics and pharmacometrics.
  • Ricardo Gonzalez, a fourth-year graduate student has been selected as the Elliot S. Vesell Award Winner for the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP). The title of his abstract is “ Functional Follow-up of GWAS Associated SNP Effects in the RYK and MKXAS1 Genes Associated with Drug Response Variation of Monotherapy Temozolomide and Oxaliplatin”.
  • Eric Mui, PharmD and Riddhi Virparia, PharmD, second year Regulatory Affairs Fellows at GSK published their co-authored paper entitled “Analysis of the Real-Time Oncology Review (RTOR) Pilot Program for Approvals of New Molecular Entities” in Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science.
  • Patty Maglalang, PharmD, a rising first-year student received an AFPE-Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) First Year Graduate Research Fellowship in the amount of $7500.

May 2021

  • Julie Dumond received a 5-year NIH R01 grant in the amount of $3.5 million for her proposal titled Quantifying Sex-and-Age Related Differences in Antiretroviral Exposure and Adverse Effects in the MACS/WIHS Combined Cohort Study.
  • Daniel Gonzalez received a 5-year NIH grant for his proposal titled Application of Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling to Characterize Drug-Drug Interactions in Infants.
  • Bill Zamboni in collaboration with Dr. David Lawrence received a 4-yr NIH grant for their proposal titled “Design and Application of Photoresponsive Modules in Circulating Erythrocytes.”
  • Adam Persky was named the Eshelman School of Pharmacy “PY1 Instructor of the Year” award.
  • Aaron Devanathan, a fourth-year graduate student has been selected to received a Royster Society of Fellows Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the AY2021-2022. He has also been selected as an American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) Award recipient.
  • Daisy Zhu, a fourth-year graduate student has been selected as a recipient for the P.E.O. Sisterhood Award for Women in Science. She is one of 100 doctoral students in the U.S. and Canada selected to receive a $20,000 Scholar award. She has also been selected as an American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) Award recipient.
  • Spinel Karas, a fourth-year graduate student has been selected for a GSK Fellowship and a T-32 Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology.
  • Jiawei Zhou, a third-year graduate student has been selected for a GSK Fellowship.
  • Jessica Beers, a third-year graduate student has been selected for a T-32 Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology.

April 2021

  • Bill Zamboni received a NIH National Cancer Institute (NCI) R01 grant for his proposal titled Minibeam Radiation Therapy Enhanced Delivery of Nanoparticle Anticancer Agents to Pancreatic Cancer Tumors.
  • Julia Quintanilha, a post-doctoral research associate, received a post-doctoral fellowship with the American Heart Association(AHA) for her proposal entitled Genetic Modifiers of Drug-Induced Hypertension for Risk Assessment of Patients Treated with VEGF-Pathway Inhibitors. The one-year fellowship provides Dr. Quintanilha with $67K in funding.
  • Danny Gonzalez has been recognized as one of the “40 Gators under 40 for 2021”. This award honors the University of Florida, Outstanding Young Alumni whose achievements positively impact their communities and professions.

March 2021

  • Dr. Klarissa Jackson along with Carla White and Suzie Harris was awarded a grant by Genentech, Inc. This grant is for their project titled “Well-Being Initiative for Woman Faculty of Color to Promote Professional Advancement in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research.” This award is in the amount of $386,895.25.
  • Dr. Jo Ellen Rodgers has been appointed the Director of Postdoctoral Programs for the School of Pharmacy (effective March 1, 2021). In this role she will be responsible for overseeing the postdoctoral training for the school.

February 2021

  • Dr. Benyam Muluneh has been selected as a KL2 Scholar with the TraCS KL2 Program starting on July 1, 2021.
  • Dr. Merrie Mosedale has been awarded the 2021 Junior Faculty Development Award from the Provost’s Office for her proposal: “Development of High-Content Imaging Assays for In-Vitro Mouse Genetics Platform”.
  • Dr. Merrie Mosedale passed the Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) Exam for Drugs in December 2020 and now holds the RAC Credential.

January 2021

  • Dr. Benyam Muluneh’s perspective piece co-authored with Stacie Dusetzina, Nancy Keating and Haiden A. Huskamp “Broken Promises-How Medicare Part D has Failed to Deliver Savings to Older Adults” was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Dr. Kim Brouwer, Danny Gonzalez and team received a perfect impact score of 10 on their 2nd NICHD Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology T32 application.
  • Dr. Mackenzie Cottrell and the UNC CFAR Pharmacology Core, along with the UNC CFAR received a perfect score on their competitive renewal. This is the first time ever a CFAR has received a score of 10.

Kim Brouwer

  1. Mechanisms of Altered Hepatic Transport: Impact on Drug Therapy
    NIH National Institutes of Health (NIH), 4/1/2022-3/31/2027

Mackenzie Cottrell

  1. Impact of Concomitant Chemotherapy on HIV Resistance to cART and Reservoir Size
    NIH National Cancer Institute (NCI), 1/8/2019-12/31/2023
  2. Accelerating to the Cure: A Novel IVIVE Model for Advancing HIV Eradication Strategies
    NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), 8/12/21-7/31/23
  3. Tu’Washindi: A relationship-focused intervention to reduce GBV and increase PrEP uptake and adherence among Kenyan AGYW
    NIH National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 2/15/2023-7/31/2026

Daniel Crona

  1. Discovery of a First-In-Class MPP8 Antatgonist to Reverse Lineage Plasticity in Advanced Prostate Cancer
    Department of Defense (DOD), 9/1/21-8/31/24
  2. Discovery of a First-In-Class MPP8 Antatgonist to Reverse Lineage Plasticity in Bladder Cancer
    Department of Defense (DOD), 9/15/21-9/14/24
  3. Chemically Catalyzed Epigenetic Gene Regulation in Renal Cell Carcinoma
    American Cancer Society (ACS), 1/1/22-12/31/25

Julie Dumond

  1. Quantifying Sex-and-Age-Related Differences in Antiretroviral Exposure and Adverse Effects in the MACS/WIHS Combined Cohort Study 
    NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), 4/9/2021-3/31/2026

Erin Heinzen

  1. Defining disease mechanisms in SLC35A2 epilepsy
    NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), 7/1/2020-4/30/2025
  2. Somatic Mutation in Intractible Focal Epilepsy 3(GG015295-01)
    NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), 8/15/2020-7/31/2025
  3. Identification and molecular characterization of somatic mutations in MCD (R01)
    NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), 9/30/2016 – 5/31/2028 

Klarissa Jackson

  1. Interindividual Variability in Drug Metabolism in Ethnically Diverse Populations
    NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), 7/1/2021-6/30/2026
  2. An In Vitro Investigation of the Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics, and Hepatotoxicity of Cannabidiol
    American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE), 9/1/2022-8/31/2023

Craig Lee

  1. Mechanisms of Altered Hepatic Drug Metabolism and Transport in Pregnancy (1R01HD098742-01)
    NICHD/NIH, 04/01/2020 – 03/31/2024
  2. Precision antiplatelet therapy after percutaneous coronary intervention
    NIH National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), 7/15/2020-6/30/2025

Benyam Muluneh

  1. Design and implementation of a social cognitive theory-based medication adherence intervention (K08)
    NIH National Cancer Institute (NCI), 9/1/2023 – 8/31/2028

Paul Watkins

  1. Coordinating Center for Drug Induced Liver Injury Network (DILIN)
    NIH National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases (NIDDKD), 8/21/2018-6/3/2023
  2. AAV8 induced toxicities in primary human hepatocytes with MTM1 deficiency using spheroid culture model
    Audentes Therapeutics, 6/2/2022-6/1/2023

William Zamboni

  1. Minibeam Radiation Therapy Enhanced Delivery of Nanoparticle Anticancer Agents to Pancreatic Cancer Tumors
    NIH National Cancer Institute (NCI), 4/1/2021-3/31/2026
  2. A Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS System for Bioanalytical Studies Supporting the Translational Development of Complex and Small Molecule Agents
    North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBC), 5/31/22-5/30/23