SequenceCarolina Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence

The C-CCNE focuses on improving the treatment and early detection of cancer, utilizing cutting-edge nanotechnologies to improve quality of life and outcomes for cancer patients.

CICBDD-moleculeCenter for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

The CICBDD brings dedicated medicinal chemistry expertise to bear on biological targets of therapeutic relevance under investigation by UNC faculty.

CNDD_cells-in-veinCenter for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery

The CNDD, part of a campus-wide nanomedicine initiative at UNC, brings together scientists to create nano-scale pharmaceutical innovations for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

CPIT-chromosomesCenter for Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy

The CPIT brings together researchers and clinicians across the University to create personalized therapies and treatments for patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions.