The Carolina Association of Pharmacy Students was named 2012-2013 Chapter of the Year at the 2014 APhA-ASP Meeting in Orlando, Florida. The award was just one of many honors won by UNC pharmacy students.
The $4.4 million, five-year award will support the efforts of Kashuba's group in identifying which anti-HIV drugs get into tissues best and what mechanisms they use to do so.
Marsico Hall is one of the largest buildings on the UNC campus and will house the research programs of two dozen of pharmacy faculty along with the School's Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery and the Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery.
The grant will provide more than $417,000 over two years to support a collaboration between principal investigators Miriam Braunstein, PhD, and William Janzen.
Jian Liu's team has created a form of low molecular weight heparin that can be reversed by protamine and is cleared by the liver instead of the kidneys. This makes it a safer and more effective drug for patients with compromised renal function and for those who experience spontaneous bleeding.
The PharmD is for those who want to be practicing pharmacists.
The PhD is for those interested in advancing pharmaceutical knowledge through research and discovery in one of four concentrations.
Our master's program prepares pharmacists for leadership roles in health-system pharmacy.
One and two-year programs that take your pharmacy education beyond the PharmD.
The School offers postgraduate research opportunities through academic and clinical research fellowships.
Our programs advance the skills and knowledge of practicing pharmacists.