The Medication Optimization Opportunity

The Facts

>$400 Billion is spent on medications in the U.S. each year1

~$300 Billion is spent on the misuse, underuse & overuse of medications2

The Problem

More than half of Americans have at least one chronic condition, and 1 in 4 have two or more. Treating people with chronic conditions accounts for 86% of healthcare spending3

Only 33-50% of people with chronic conditions adhere completely to prescribed medication therapies4

Nearly 1 in 3 adverse events leading to hospitalizations are associated with medications4

The Opportunity

Medication optimization is a patient-centered, collaborative approach to managing medication therapy that is applied consistently and holistically across care settings to improve patient care and reduce overall healthcare costs

The Impact

These collaborative efforts will be directed towards raising awareness and helping implement rigorous evaluations, solutions, best practices, and policies toward improving patient health outcomes and health care delivery. One of the key objectives of policy shaping will be to help define, build, and champion new value-based payment models that account for value-added services aimed at optimizing medications. We envision highly collaborative research that will result in endorsement of new and innovative approaches of care delivery at the state (Medicaid) and federal (Medicare) levels and encourage adoption by payers and providers across the state and the nation. The true impact of this collaboration on human health and health care delivery will be realized by carrying out our mission toward a shared vision to define and deliver value in pharmacy practice and patient-centered care delivery for system-wide benefit.