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Our Mission

To bring together healthcare stakeholders to create impactful real-world research, generate evidence, disseminate best practices, and advance education that integrates medication optimization into value-based care delivery and payment models.

CMO Goals

Build a core, ‘mission-driven’ research capability that will facilitate evidence on optimizing medication use, while achieving self-sustainability and growth through grants and contracts.

Through evidence dissemination, thought leadership, and collaboration, develop a global reputation as a pre-eminent, trusted, and unbiased resource on appropriate medication use to inform healthcare policy development.

Integrate the healthcare reform environment as a component of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy curriculum to create student leaders who will positively influence healthcare delivery models.

Medication optimization is a patient-centered, collaborative approach to managing medication therapy that is applied consistently and holistically across care settings to improve patient care and reduce overall healthcare costs.

The Medication Optimization Opportunity



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