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The Office of Research Administration supports school faculty, post docs and graduate students in policy, administrative and budgetary aspects of seeking externally sponsored research funding. Grants managers help prepare and submit grant proposal applications; develop proposal budgets, prepare internal processing forms, coordinate and ensure timely and accurate submission of grant applications, and coordinate research related contracts/agreements processing with external parties.


Research Administration Team
Top Row (left to right): Ashima Poudel, Anna Maria Caruso, Raj Kshatriya, Rosa Mayorga, Natalia Mayorga
Bottom Row (Left to right): Kirsten Leysieffer (insert), Sophie May, Kathryn Fiscelli, Amy Fry, Anna Lobastova (insert)


Raj Kshatriya
Director of Research Administration
(919) 962-0013

Kathryn Fiscelli
Assistant Director of Research Administration
(919) 962-0082

Amy Fry
Grants Manager
(919) 843-1666

Kirsten Leysieffer
Grants Manager
(919) 843-6144

Anna Caruso
Grants Manager
(919) 962-7922

Rosa Mayorga
Grants Manager
(919) 843-5017

Ashima Poudel
Grants Manager

Sophie May
Grants Manager

Anna Lobastova
Grants Manager