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Our graduates are prepared to be:

  • Pharmacy practitioners who implement high-quality, team-based, patient-centered pharmacy services;
  • Leaders and innovators who embrace opportunity, recognize need, and create solutions to advance health system pharmacy practice, patient care, and the overall delivery of health care; and
  • Managers who communicate, delegate, motivate, plan, acquire and allocate resources, monitor progress and create environments that enable the advancement of pharmacy services; and
  • Lifelong learners who continually strive for positive impact both personally and professionally.
Graduation Date Graduate Student PharmD location Residency location Workplace out of Residency
2010 Alex Jenkins UNC UNC WakeMed (NC)
  Erinn Rowe Georgia UNC UNC (NC)
  Chris Murray Hampton Duke Duke (NC)
2011 Lindsey Poppe Wyoming UNC UNC (NC)
  Nicole Panosh Campbell Duke Oregon Health Sciences (OR)
  Jason Chou Ohio State Wake Forest Wake Forest (NC)
2012 Ian Willoughby UNC UNC UNC (NC)
  Jake Holler Michigan UNC Henry Ford (MI)
  Joe Maki Wisconsin Wake Forest Wake Forest (NC)
  Russell Laundon UNC Duke Duke (NC)
2013 Ryan Moore Nebraska UNC Cornerstone (NC)
  Adam Wolfe Utah UNC UNC (NC)
  Matt Lamm UNC UNC UNC (NC)
  Jeff Reichard UNC UNC Kernersville Novant (NC)
  Adrienne Giddens UNC Mission Pardee (NC)
  Gavin Magaha Wingate Wake Forest Wake Forest (NC)
  Joe Krushinski Purdue Duke Vidant (NC)
2014 Shailly Shah Pittsburgh UNC Hopkins Bayview (MD)
  Sarah Johannes UNC UNC Wake Forest (NC)
  Christian Conley Samford UNC UAB (AL)
  Kayley Lyons South Dakota State UNC Graduate School (NC)
  Mitchell Dorn Ohio State Wake Forest Tbd (NY)
  Kevin Helmlinger UNC Duke Duke (NC)
  Jessica Lemoine Howard Mission Mission (NC)
Elizabeth Hess Ohio State UNC ISMP Fellowship (PA)
  Jami Mann Kentucky UNC UNC (NC)
  Daniel O’Neil Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine UNC WVU (WV)
  Halena Sautman Palm Beach Atlantic UNC Hospital System in Miami (FL)
  Joanna Robinson Kansas Wake Forest KU (KS)
  Grayson Peek Tennessee Duke Duke (NC)
  James Paarlberg Mercer Mission Salem VA (VA)
2016 Danielle Griggs Kentucky UNC UVA (VA)
  Kevin Hansen Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine UNC Moses Cone (NC)
  David Marr Kentucky UNC TJ Regional Health (KY)
  David South Mercer UNC UAB (AL)
  Laura Meleis UNC Duke Florida Hospital Orlando (FL)
  Amanda White Connecticut Wake Forest Hopkins Home Care (MD)
  Jerod Braschler Houston Wake Forest Mission (NC)
  Cynthia Brasher Tennessee Mission Mission (NC)
2017 Mac Ovenell Oregon State Wake Forest Kadlec Regional Medical Center (WA)
  Mary Durham Kansas Duke Truman Medical Center (MO)
  Patricia Roberts Ohio State UNC Cleveland Clinic Euclid Hospital (OH)
  Erin Turingan UNC UNC New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center (NY)
  Bijan Mekoba Howard UNC New York University (NYU) Langone Medical Center (NY)
  Sam Eberwein Campbell UNC UNC Medical Center (NC)
  Ali Lloyd Samford Wake Forest Wake Forest Baptist (NC)
  Anna Bieniek Midwestern University – Downers Grove Mission NIH, Clinical Center (MD)
2018 Alex Raymond Mississippi Wake Forest Baptist Ochsner Hospital (LA)
  Lauren Verbosky Florida Wake Forest Baptist BayCare Health System (FL)
  Andrew Wright Campbell Duke Wake Forest Baptist (NC)
  Doug Fisher Manchester Mission Carolinas HealthCare System (NC)
  Nick Gazda UNC Moses Cone Moses Cone Hospital (NC)
  Michelle Carrasquillo Florida UNC St. Joseph’s Hospital North, BayCare Health System (FL)
  Mary-Haston Leary Mississippi UNC UNC Medical Center (NC)
  Mary Vincent Ohio State UNC Rex Hospital (NC)
  Tyler Vest Cincinnati UNC Wake Forest Baptist (NC)
2019 Kenny Kang UNC Moses Cone UNC Rex Healthcare (NC)
  Jordan Deangelis Connecticut Duke Duke University Hospital (NC)
  Ben Coles Ohio State Mission Augusta University Medical Center (GA)
  Kelsey Stephens-Lirette Mississippi Wake Forest Baptist UAB Medicine (AL)
  Spencer Blohowiak Shenandoah Wake Forest Baptist Ochsner Hospital (LA)
  Stephanie Jean UNC UNC UNC Medical Center (NC)
  Elissa King Maryland UNC UNC Medical Center (NC)
  Ebony Adams Samford UNC Houston Methodist
  Charlotte Wells UNC UNC N/A
2020 Ina Liu UNC UNC UNC Medical Center (NC)
  Gerald Offei-Nkansah Tennessee UNC
  Robert Rose ONU UNC University of Kentucky Medical Center
  Adrienne Simmons VCU UNC NVHR
  Bailey Eason Purdue Wake Forest Baptist University of Virginia Medical Center
  Danielle Baker Cedarville Wake Forest Baptist Wake Forest Baptist (NC)
  Brooke Baggett Lipscomb Moses Cone UF Shands
  Iliana Morataya UNC Duke Duke University Hospital
  Felicia Britt UNC MGH Dana Farber Cancer Institute
2021 Judith Lovince UNC Emory University Hospital
  Conor Myers South Carolina UNC Omnicell
  Autumn Petersen Iowa UNC West Virginia University
  Charles Summerlin Maryland UNC UNC Medical Center (NC)
  John Awad Connecticut Duke
  William Kyle Cornell Kentucky Wake Forest Baptist Wake Forest Baptist (NC)
  Joseph Francis Bredeck III UKMC Wake Forest Baptist Dartmouth
  Joshua Tessin Samford Moses Cone UAB (AL)
  Amy Thompson Wingate Moses Cone Cone Health
  Jimmy Godwin Mission HCA
  Robert Steven Richardson OSU Mission FMC
  Blake Barlow Kentucky MGH West Virginia University Hospital
  Jose Tamayo Florida BayCare BayCare Health System (FL)
  Pavan Kullar OSU BayCare Boston Medical Center
Alex Porter-Hayes Midwestern University AZ BayCare Current Resident
  Justin Jimmy S. Florida BayCare Current Resident
  Tyler Merritt Belmont University Duke Current Resident
  Antonia Akrap Kansas MGH Current Resident
  Joe McDonald VCU Mission Current Resident
  Mimi Pham High Point Cone Health Current Resident
  Jing Steenwyk University of Mississippi Cone Health Current Resident
  Jennifer Sato UNC UNC Current Resident
  Austin Gardner ETSU UNC Current Resident
  Connor McKay Shenahdoah University UNC Current Resident
  Greg Norsten University of Wisconsin UNC Current Resident
  Heather Dalton Medical College Wisconsin Wake Forest Baptist Current Resident
  Keith Keddington Utah Wake Forest Baptist Current Resident
  Michael Stepanovic Purdue HUP Current Resident
Justin Egan University of Florida BayCare Current Resident
  Robert Medina Midwestern University BayCare Current Resident
  Blake Barta UNC Duke Current Resident
  Sydney Tu St Louis College of Pharmacy MGH Current Resident
  Meena Mattamana Colorado Mission Current Resident
  Samantha Gruber Ohio Northern Cone Health Current Resident
  Austin Price Campbell Cone Health Current Resident
  Katherine Donnowitz University of Illinois UNC Current Resident
  Rebekah Placide High Point UNC Current Resident
  Killian Rodgers Ohio State UNC Current Resident
  Elizabeht Tinoco University of CA San Francisco UNC Current Resident
  Noah Fawcett Purdue Wake Forest Baptist Current Resident
  Chance Partlow Harrison School of Pharmacy Wake Forest Baptist Current Resident
  William Raley Jr. Univ TN Health Science Center HUP Current Resident


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