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Kristy Ainslie, PhD

The Ainslie Lab focuses on modulation of immune responses to prevent and treat cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Owen Fenton, PhD

The Fenton Laboratory seeks to develop synthetic drug delivery platforms using RNA therapeutics.


Shawn Hingtgen, PhD

The Hingtgen lab develops engineered stem cell-based therapies for brain cancers and other tumors.


Leaf Huang, PhD

The Huang lab develops lipid based nanoformulations for gene and drug delivery.


Alexander “Sasha” Kabanov, PhD

The Kabanov lab focuses on nanomedicines for delivery of small drugs, nucleic acids and polypeptides to treat cancers and diseases of the central nervous system.


Sam Lai, PhD

The Lai lab focuses on infectious diseases at mucosal surfaces, targeted drug delivery and nanoparticle-immune interactions.


Juliane Nguyen, PhD

The Nguyen lab focuses on developing genetically encoded and genetically engineered biotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer, myocardial infarction, colitis, and other diseases.


Mark Schoenfisch, PhD

The Schoenfisch lab focuses on designing macromolecules for nitric oxide release and detection, glucose monitoring devices for diabetes and superhydrophobic interfaces.


Phil Smith, PhD

The Smith lab establishes quantitative methods for proteins associated with drug disposition, pharmacokinetics, reactivity and potential toxicity of metabolites.

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Eric Bachelder, PhD

Bachelder focuses on the development of biomaterials for the treatment of diseases associated with the immune system.


Elena Batrakova, PhD

The main focus of Batrakova’s research is to develop a CNS delivery system for neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Jillian Perry Image 2

Jillian Perry, PhD

Jillian Perry, PhD, leverages her knowledge of polymer chemistry, biomaterials, and drug delivery to develop novel drug delivery carriers for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.


Marina Sokolsky, PhD

Sokolsky-Papkov’s current research centers on design of nano-based, sustained release and remote actuated drug delivery systems for treatment and diagnosis of cancer.


John Fallon, PhD

Fallon’s research focuses on quantitative targeted proteomics (QTAP) using nano- and microLC-MS/MS.

Garrett Bethmann

Administrative Assistant

Branden Barrett

Executive Assistant