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Marina Sokolsky

Assistant Professor

Marina Sokolsky

Research Associate Professor


(919) 962-4698
125 Mason Farm Road, Marsico Hall 2212, CB# 7362, Chapel Hill, NC, 27599

Research Interests:

Drug delivery, brain delivery, sustained release, polymeric micelles, exosomes, inorganic nano particles, surface engineering for selective cell targeting and remotely actuated theranostic drug delivery systems

Research Description

Sokolsky-Papkov’s current research centers on design of nano-based, sustained release and remote actuated drug delivery systems for treatment and diagnosis of cancer. My research utilizes several platform nanoparticles based technologies (polymeric micelles and nanoparticles, cell derived exosomes and inorganic nanoparticles) and is focused on engineering treatment modalities for two main types of cancer: brain cancer and brain metastases and diagnosis and treatment of post operative residual disease and metastatic spread with emphasis on (1) designing drug loaded nanoparticles which can effectively home to brain cancer in vivo and deliver tumor specific payload to improve treatment efficacy (2) utilize sustained release and nanotechnology approaches to design delivery systems which can improve non invasive diagnosis of primary metastatic spread, treat residual disease and promote post-operative would healing and (3) utilize intrinsic properties of inorganic nanoparticles to design theranostic delivery systems which combine remotely induced drug release and cell apoptosis.