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Each award provides a $3,000 supplement for first-year, full-time PhD students in the division. Recipients who maintain satisfactory academic eligibility will receive an additional $3,000 supplement for their second year.

Award Criteria

The fellowships are awarded to applicants who demonstrate the most impressive records of achievement in undergraduate education, research, and life experiences, and show the highest academic potential as judged by the following criteria:

  • Have achieved a grade-point average of 3.6 or higher at a highly competitive undergraduate institution
  • Have achieved GRE scores in the upper 20 percent
  • Have performed meritorious research as evidenced by presentation at scientific conferences and/or co-authorship in a scientifically reputable journal
  • Are seriously considering offers of admission to competitive, top-tier, peer graduate programs
  • Have high potential to successfully secure extramural fellowship support in subsequent years
  • Intend to remain in the United States upon graduation and pursue a career that will have a major impact on advances in health care


There is no need to apply separately for the Molecular Pharmaceutics Scholar Fellowship Awards. All applicants to the PhD program in the Division of Molecular Pharmaceutics are considered for the awards. The number of awards may vary from year to year based on the availability of funds and qualified applicants. The fellowships will not be awarded based on the applicant’s race or gender. Recipients will be notified in writing at the same time they receive their offer of admission to the PhD program.

If you have questions regarding the Molecular Pharmaceutics Scholar Fellowship Awards, contact:

pcs_jun15-directoryPhilip Smith, PhD

Division Director of Graduate Admissions and Graduate Studies