What is Global Engagement?

Global Engagement is the involvement of our students, faculty, and staff within global activities that impact pharmacy education, practice, and research worldwide. Global activities include international partnerships, international student rotations, and global collaborative research among others. Global Engagement is one of the School’s strategic initiatives that aims to bring to fruition the mission statement of the School “to develop leaders in pharmacy education, pharmacy practice, and pharmaceutical sciences who make a difference on human health worldwide.

There are two fundamental objectives within the Global Engagement initiative:

  • Expand the School’s education, research, and practice mission globally
  • Initiate and participate in global health-care initiatives in partnership with UNC health science schools and other health-care institutions

In order to accomplish these objectives, the School has begun to explore different collaborative opportunities with other institutions and organizations throughout the world that align with the School’s mission and global aspirations.

Why Global Engagement?

Global Engagement represents an opportunity to address multiple aims of the School across pharmacy education, practice, and research. The following are just some of the global aspirations of the School:

  • To improve upon knowledge of global health and impact human health worldwide
  • To assume a leadership role in humanitarian and global health efforts in underserved countries
  • To expand the educational and research mission of the School abroad
  • To influence pharmacy education and practice
  • „To prepare students with knowledge, critical thinking, and communication skills in a globalized society and global economy
  • To train and develop the next generation of globally minded pharmacists

How can I get involved?

If you are affiliated with the School, please contact the Global Engagement Fellow to discuss your global aspirations and to determine an appropriate engagement opportunity.

If you are outside of the School looking to explore collaborative opportunities with the School, please contact the Global Engagement Fellow and briefly explain your interest in collaborating with the School.

Have a question or comment? Contact Miranda Law at mglaw@email.unc.edu, or e-mail David Steeb, director of global engagement, at david_steeb@unc.edu.