ExploRx Pharmacy is a dynamic and multifaceted one-day program on the Asheville campus designed to teach participants what pharmacy is, illustrate what a pharmacist does, and share tips and strategies about submitting a strong pharmacy school application.

What can you expect?

Participants will engage in interactive sessions and seminars and meet with faculty and students from the nation’s leading pharmacy school. They will also engage with innovative clinicians and cutting-edge researchers from a variety of pharmacy-practice settings.

Program participants will benefit from:
  • networking with leading clinicians and researchers in the field of pharmacy;
  • engaging with current pharmacy students and faculty through discussion panels and activities to learn more about the increasingly critical role of pharmacy in healthcare;
  • gaining the competitive edge in preparing for a career in pharmacy and your future.

ExploRx Pharmacy Event Date

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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For more information, contact Laura Bratsch at laura_bratsch@unc.edu

ExploRX Highlights 2018

See you March 30, 2019!