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Ryan McDaniel
October 18, 2023

Amy Greeson, BSPHar ’90
Photo by Danny Alexander

Under a grey, overcast sky, Dean Kashuba and other faculty and staff of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy stood by the Old Well awaiting the beginning of the 2023 University Day procession, surrounded by countless other faculty and staff from other University departments. Suddenly, their faces lit up and they raised their hands in applause and waved across the street at South Building where Amy Greeson, BSPhar ’90 was emerging in full regalia, on her way to Memorial Hall. Amy smiled widely as she stole across the street to greet those from the School with warm hugs. After a moment, Amy was off to catch up with the rest of her group, headed to take the stage at Memorial Hall for the University Day Ceremony. 

Amy was there as one of five UNC alumni receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award, conferred to alumni of the University who have made an outstanding contribution to humanity. Amy was recognized for her work with Healing Seekers, the nonprofit she founded to raise awareness of indigenous cultures and help preserve them and the environments in which they exist. 

“This is the greatest honor of my life, and one of the greatest moments of my life,” Amy shares. “My emotions from this recognition are simply overwhelming.” 

After graduating from pharmacy school in 1990, Amy completed an externship with the Public Health Service in Alaska before returning to North Carolina to run her family’s pharmacy, Thomasville Pharmacy, for the next 18 years. During that time, Amy explored the world, learning about indigenous medicines. When Thomasville Pharmacy sold in 2010, Amy focused full-time on Healing Seekers, creating a series of award-winning educational videos that are used in curricula worldwide. 

For this work, Amy was inducted as a Fellow into the Explorers Club of New York as well as into the Society of Woman Geographers in Washington, DC. 

Amy has also been a lifelong champion for the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. Throughout the years, she has remained engaged as a volunteer on the School’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Alumni Committee, served as President of the Pharmacy Alumni Association, and currently serves on the Pharmacy Foundation Board. She is just as likely to be found advising School leadership as doing landscaping work in the Kerr Hall courtyard to beautify the space for current and future students. 

“This honor is so well-deserved,” says Dean Angela Kashuba. “Amy has brought so much light to the world as a global explorer, and we are better for it. She continues to inspire and humble us with the depth of her enthusiasm and commitment to make our school better.” 

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