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Daniel Alexander
March 6, 2023

Throughout the month of March, the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy will be highlighting stories from students, faculty, staff and alumni about women at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy who have made an impact in their lives. This week, we spoke to Mollie Scott, Amanda Storyward and Madison Mclemore.


Mollie Scott, Regional Associate Dean

Where are you from? 

Asheville, North Carolina

pam_joynerWhat UNC Pharmacy woman has made an impact on you?

I first met Dr. Pam Joyner when I was a student pharmacy at UNC back in the 1990s and I had the pleasure of working with her until her retirement several years ago. She served as a mentor for my career advancement and provided a constant source of support and inspiration for me as I was hired as Regional Associate Dean. Pam is a wise and thoughtful leader that many of us at UNC have turned to for guidance over the years. Her love for rural NC influenced the development of our rural health initiative in Asheville, and she never forgot her roots growing up in a small town. Pam’s poise, professionalism, wisdom, and student-centeredness positively influenced the type of leader that I aspire to be. She has a quick wit and a level head and demonstrates kindness and gentleness with everyone she encounters. I always loved it when she would wear her polka dotted dress to work and said “this is my happy dress!” If there is one word I would use to describe her, it would be joyful.


Amanda Storyward, Program Manager, Organizational Diversity and Inclusion

Where are you from? 

Fayetteville, North Carolina

carla_whiteWhat UNC Pharmacy woman has made an impact on you?

Associate Dean Carla White is the person here at the School of Pharmacy who has had the biggest influence on my career here. She has been a leader in the DEI space for so many years, and still she welcomes my ideas and plans. Carla is a great collaborator, sees the best in all people, and is more supportive than I could have hoped for. Her impact on the School cannot be overstated – she makes sure that we all do everything we can to make the school a place where everyone is welcome.


Madison Mclemore, PY2

Where are you from? 

Hebron, Kentucky

What UNC Pharmacy woman has made an impact on you?

Professor Ouita Gatton has demonstrated how to be a strong woman that stands by her values in the field of pharmacy. She has bestowed invaluable advice about interacting with patients empathetically and in a whole-person manner. She is a woman I look up to in the field of pharmacy and aspire to have even half the career she has paved for herself! Thank you Ouita!



We’ll have more perspectives from our pharmacy community next week.

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