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Edward Bahnson, Ph.D.
Edward Bahnson, Ph.D.

Edward Bahnson, Ph.D., a member of the Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery and an assistant professor of surgery at UNC School of Medicine, received a Young Investigator Award at the 19th biennial meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research International

Bahnson received the award for his talk, “Improving Arterial Surgery Outcomes: Combating Restenosis with Nanotechnology and Redox Modulation.” The SFRRI meeting was held in Lisbon, Portugal, June 4–7, 2018,

SFRRI Lisboa 2018 was a prominent forum for the latest advances in the fundamentals of reduction–oxidation reaction biology, also known as redox biology, and free radical research and its clinical and biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications. Recent technological developments and analytical strategies to tackle the role of redox biology in health and disease, aimed at preventing, curing and delaying disease, were discussed.


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