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Grayson Mendenhall
October 17, 2010

clipboard & stethoscopeThe UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy is teaming up with UNC Hospitals to expand the patient-care, education, and research efforts of both institutions.

The Partnership in Patient Care will combine the resources of the School and the hospital to increase the pharmacy services available to patients at UNC Hospitals, the amount of experiential education that pharmacy students receive at UNC, and the amount of point-of-care research being conducted.

“This partnership builds on the relationship the School already has with the hospital to better serve both our patients and our students,” says Bob Blouin, dean of the School. “Patients will benefit because we’ll be able to place pharmacists where they currently do not exist. Students will benefit because we’ll be able to give them more practice experience under the guidance of seasoned preceptors.”

Among other goals, the partnership aims to

  • Increase the number of pharmacists in pharmacotherapy intensive ambulatory care settings
  • Provide 24-7, comprehensive acute care pharmacy clinical services to all areas of UNC Hospitals
  • Significantly increase the number of pharmacy students precepted and the number of student months of precepted practice experiences
  • Increase the number of pharmacist faculty practitioners and residents
  • Increase the number of published research manuscripts

“The seamless provision of patient care, teaching, and point-of-care research is something both the School and the hospital strive for, and this partnership is a significant step toward making that a reality,” says Rowell Daniels, PharmD, MS, the School’s associate dean for pharmacy clinical practice at Chapel Hill and the director of pharmacy at UNC Hospitals, who will oversee the partnership.

“The hospital’s department of pharmacy will become even more integrated into the School’s teaching and point-of-care research missions. We’ll be able to accommodate more students and residents, who in turn will help expand and enhance the patient-care services the department provides.”

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