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Dennis Williams

October 3, 2018

Cohort and Case-Control Studies, Drug Quantification, Machine Learning, Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modeling, Randomized Control Trials, Immunotherapy, Infectious Diseases, Inflammation, Medication Optimization, Pharmaceutical Services, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Practice, Pulmonology, Respiratory Drug Delivery

Gauri Rao

October 3, 2018

Animal Models, Mathematical Modelling, Primary Cell Culture, Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modeling, Systems Biology, Antibiotics, Computational Modeling, Drug Discovery, Immunomodulation, Infectious Diseases, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacometrics, Precision Medicine, Respiratory Drug Delivery

Carter Cao

October 3, 2018

Confocal Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscopy, Machine Learning, Mathematical Modelling, Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modeling Biophysics, Cancer, Immunotherapy, Nanoparticle, Oncology, PBPK Modeling, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacometrics, Precision Dosing