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Andrew Lucas

October 3, 2018

ADME profiling, Flow Cytometry, High Throughput Screening, LC-MS/MS, Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses, Translation Research, Analytical pharmacology, Cancer, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Immunomodulation, Immunotherapy, Nanomedicine, Oncology, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology, Precision Dosing, Precision Medicine

Qunzhao Wang

September 24, 2018

Assay Development, Chemical Libraries, Fluorescence Microscopy, HPLC, High Throughput Screening, LC-MS/MS, NMR Spectroscopy, Drug Delivery, Peptide Chemistry, Protein Kinases, Synthetic Chemistry

Kenneth Pearce

September 24, 2018

Assay Development, Chemical Libraries, High Content Imaging/Screening, High Throughput Screening, Phage Display, Surface Plasmon Resonance, Biophysics, Cancer, Chemical Biology, Chemical Probes, Drug Discovery, Epigenetics, High Throughput Screens, Protein Expression, Protein Kinase Inhibitors, Protein engineering, Structure Activity Relationship

Qisheng Zhang

September 24, 2018

Assay Development, Chemical Libraries, Chemogenetics, High Throughput Screening, Omics (Metabolomics, Proteomics, Lipidomics), Cancer, Chemical Biology, Chemical Probes, Drug Discovery, Lipid Metabolism and Transport, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Pharmacology, Precision Medicine, Signal transduction, Synthetic Chemistry

Scott Singleton

September 24, 2018

Chemical Libraries, Cohort and Case-Control Studies, High Throughput Screening, Physicochemical Characterization, Antibiotics, Bacterial resistance, Chemical Biology, Chemical Probes, Cognition, Drug Discovery, Educational Research, Pharmaceutical Services, Pharmacology, Structure Activity Relationship

Bryan Roth

September 24, 2018

Chemogenetics, Directed Evolution, High Content Imaging/Screening, High Throughput Screening, X-ray Crystallography, Biased Agonism, Drug Discovery, Drug Safety, G Protein-coupled Receptors, Mental Health, Neuropharmacology, Neuroscience, Opioids, Pharmacology, Protein Chemistry, Protein Expression, Protein engineering, Structural Biology, Structure Activity Relationship, Structure-based Drug Dosing

Albert Bowers

September 24, 2018

Assay Development, Chemical Libraries, Directed Evolution, High Throughput Screening, Omics (Metabolomics, Proteomics, Lipidomics) Antibiotics, Bioactive Natural Products, Biophysics, Cancer, Chemical Biology, Chemical Probes, Drug Development, Drug Discovery, Infectious Diseases

Jeffrey Aube

September 24, 2018

Chemical Libraries, HPLC, High Throughput Screening, NMR Spectroscopy, Small Molecule Synthesis Biased Agonism, Bioactive Natural Products, Cancer, Chemical Biology, Chemical Probes, Drug Development, G Protein-coupled Receptors, Infectious Diseases, Neuroscience, Pain, Synthetic Chemistry