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    With regards to your request for sample(s) of the Published Kinase Inhibitor Set (PKIS) (the 'Material'), the Structural Genomics Consortium ('SGC'), operating at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is pleased by your interest and will gladly supply this Material to you under the following terms and conditions.

    By clicking on the investigator box beside each term below, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the investigator obligations.

    By clicking on the “I ACCEPT” button at the bottom of this page, you are consenting to act as a trustee of the Material.

    Upon completion, a link to the  Material Transfer Agreement PDF will be generated on this screen, please print the form and have it signed by your institutional representatives agreeing to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of the transfer.
  • Agreement

    The SGC accelerates research in new areas of human biology and drug discovery

    (1) by ensuring that its Materials and research outputs derived from them are available in the public domain to the scientific community on a pre-competitive basis, without restrictions based on patents or other forms of intellectual property, and
    (2) by creating an open collaborative network of scientists around the world who are committed to this principle.

    The Material is therefore entrusted to you for the benefit of

    (1) the SGC and its members,
    (2) individual members of the scientific research community whose work may be advanced by open access to the Material and to research results and data outputs arising from your use of the Material, and
    (3) individual members of the general public whose health may be ameliorated or improved as a result of your work with the Material, and the work of other members of the scientific community who enjoy free and open access to the Material (together, the “Beneficiaries”).

    By accepting the Material, you agree to hold the Material in trust for the benefit of the Beneficiaries, and, in your capacity as trustee, you agree to the following obligations and responsibilities with respect to the Material:
  • Your obligations as trustee as described above do not extend to new compounds that may be generated or synthesized in connection with your use of the Material (the ‘Modifications’). Modifications mean changes to the chemical structure of the Material, including rearrangements of covalent bonds or additions or removals of atoms, residues, or moieties connected by covalent bonds, except ester forms. Modifications do not include resolved stereoisomers, salt forms, hydrates, solvates, polymorphs, complexes, or other non-covalent derivatives of the Material, nor do they include methods of synthesis, uses, formulations, or dosages of the Material.