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IDSS_research1Our Focus

Cutting edge biomarkers that enable early detection and mechanistic insight of hepatic, renal and cardiac injury.

Our Approach

Vanguard of Discovery through participation in international consortia that discover, validate and qualify the newest and most promising biomarker candidates.

Innovative Methodologies advanced by identification of promising technologies for biomarker quantification and development of in-house expertise.

IDSS_research2Advanced Analysis Tools via collaborations with the creators of innovative software designed to facilitate biomarker interpretation.

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Our Focus

Novel in vitro and in vivo platforms coupled with a systems biology approach to identify mechanisms and risk factors associated with drug-induced liver injury.

IDSS_research3Our Approach

Cutting Edge Nonclinical and Liver Culture Models coupled with the application of global profiling and high content methodology to identify early activation of stress response.

 High-Impact Sponsored Projects to identify factors underlying human liver toxicity, explore the role of exosomes in drug-induced liver injury and validate a model for fibrosis.

Clinically Oriented Objectives to develop precision medicine strategies that mitigate the risk of drug-induced liver injury and to inform advances in the preclinical detection of human liver safety concerns.

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Our Focus

Use of quantitative systems pharmacology modeling to improve patient safety, reduce the need for animal testing and reduce the costs and time necessary to develop new drugs.

Our Approach

Stakeholder Support through a public-private partnership including scientists from academia, 12 major pharmaceutical companies and the FDA.

Development of Original Software such as DILIsym®, a mechanistic, mathematical model that can be used to understand and predict drug-induced liver injury in humans and preclinical species.

Constant Model Refinement to meet stakeholder needs and keep up to date with advances in the field.

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