CNDD’s original intellectual property (IP) and technologies have contributed to economic development in the state. See some of our start-ups!

AI Tracking Solutions


Sam Lai

AI Tracking Solutions is using artificial intelligence to enable automated analysis of video microscopy data common in the research setting.

Panacise Bio


Rihe Liu

Panacise Bio is developing self-assembling protein multimers with multi-targeting specificity for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, such as for cancer surface markers and immune checkpoints.

Falcon Therapeutics


Shawn Hingtgen

Falcon Therapeutics is developing an entirely new approach to Glioblastoma therapy that uses revolutionary stem cell technology to create personalized genetically engineered neural stem cell therapies from the skin of cancer patients.



Sam Lai

Mucommune is focused on harnessing IgG-mucin interactions to reinforce mucosal health against microbial infections.

NeuroNano Pharma


Alexander Kabanov

NeuroNano Pharma has developed a series of formulation and delivery technologies that when used with current or newly discovered compounds it can 1) preserve biologics as they traverse the body, 2) improve the transport of polypeptides, proteins, hormones, enzymes and small molecules across cell membranes and tissue barriers, including the blood brain barrier, and 3) improve the release of drugs encapsulated in liposomes. NeuroNano technology has therapeutic applications in CNS disorders, metabolic diseases, cancer and ophthalmic disease.



William Zamboni and Stephen Eckel

ChemoGLO is focused on the identification and quantification of trace surface are chemotherapy contamination in hospital and pharmacy preparation and administration areas. The ChemoGLOTM Wipe Kit uses a simple procedure to accurately quantify trace amounts of the contaminants docetaxel, paclitaxel, 5-FU, cyclophosphamide, and ifosfamide that commonly occur in hospitals and pharmacies where these drugs are processed and administered.

Arcato Laboratories


Michael Jay

Arcato Laboratories’ mission is to become a leading oral health company by commercializing unique, proprietary products to serve specialty oral healthcare practitioners, such as orthodontists and oral surgeons. Arcato’s first product, a medical device named OraWaxTM, targets orthodontists and their patients as the first effective treatment for oral discomfort caused by orthodontic appliances (braces). Arcato is also developing future products by expanding on its current proprietary technology platform, as well as aggressively seeking to create or in-license complementary intellectual property.

Capture Pharmaceuticals


Russell Mumper and Michael Jay

Capture Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing a radionuclide decorporation agent that works by binding radioactive elements in the bloodstream and enhancing their elimination before they can be trapped inside the liver and bones where they can do much damage. Because the agent can be taken orally, it has significant advantages over currently available products, which must be administered by intravenous injection, for use in a mass casualty scenario, and is superior to other competing technologies. Capture is also pursuing the use of their product in other metal-overload conditions and diseases.



Leaf Huang

Qualiber, Inc. is commercializing the novel nanoparticle-based drug delivery technologies developed in Professor Leaf Huang’s lab. The novel nanoparticles address unmet needs in the delivery of small molecules, siRNA, and peptides across multiple therapeutic areas. Using this delivery platform, the company plans to create a sustainable product pipeline for small-molecule drugs that could be improved and made safer via novel delivery formulations.