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CIPhER’s programming and services support the professional development and success of pharmacy educators, scholars and researchers. CIPhER provides pharmacy educators with expert, evidence-based training and professional development needed to support the design, implementation, assessment, and continuous improvement of educational practice. In similar fashion, CIPhER provides those engaged in scholarship and research with the training, tools, and support needed to design, carry out, publish and disseminate their work.

CIPhER also collaborates with the School’s Continuing Education programs to meet the needs of our preceptors and other adjunct teaching faculty. In addition to its work with faculty, CIPhER is responsible for the training and professional development of all residents enrolled in the Eshelman School’s Teaching and Learning Certificate Program. CIPhER also provides ongoing support for PhD and PharmD candidate teaching assistants and postgraduate fellows who teach.

CIPhER’s team meets these varied needs by: offering face-to-face and online workshops and seminars; consulting with teaching teams and individual faculty; supporting ongoing communities of practice; hosting visiting scholars, trainers and consultants; and curating and sharing the best current research and practice resources on pharmacy and health sciences education.

Core Programs Include

Carolina Cancer Nanotechnology T32 Training Program (CCNTP) – CIPhER provides programs for participants in the CCNTP focused on providing evidence-based skills and techniques aimed at improving teaching and course design. School faculty are also invited to these sessions which cover an array of topics including the flipped-classroom, designing a course and syllabus, collaborative project-based learning and creating authentic assessments.
CIPhER Education Journal Club – Facilitated and led by CIPhER the monthly journal club provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to review and discuss research about pharmacy education.
CIPhER Faculty Fellowship – The CIPhER Faculty Fellows program supports fractional – 0.1 to 0.4 – faculty appointments from within the Eshelman School, by invitation, with the dual purpose of promoting the development of the Faculty Fellows in pharmacy education scholarship and research and advancing CIPhER’s initiatives with the Fellows’ support.
CIPhER Seminars – Professional development workshops and seminars offered on select Friday afternoons throughout the academic year. These CIPhER Friday sessions cover a wide range of relevant topics for the School’s stakeholders, are well attended, and very favorably evaluated by participants.
CIPhER Lab Meetings – CIPhER supports a team of postgraduate research fellows, PhD students and PharmD students focused on Center-related research projects. Semi-monthly CIPhER Lab meetings are designed to provide support and training opportunities for these advanced learners in areas specifically associated with their needs (e.g. professional communication skills, research methods, job search strategies).
CIPhER Legacy Lecture Series – This lecture series is aimed at celebrating faculty members retiring from the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. Retiring faculty members choosing to participate in this series select a topic for their talk such as but not limited to their research, life’s work, life lessons, or other topic of interest.
CIPhER Sprints – In an effort to reach more faculty within their busy schedules, CIPhER Sprints are short (10-15 minute) educational development presentations provided at Division faculty meetings on topics selected by the Division Chair and/or Division faculty. Examples sessions include Strategies for Active Learning, Top 10 Teaching Practices, and the Teaching Practices Inventory.
Curriculum Focused Hands-on Workshops – Organized by CIPhER these workshops provide an opportunity for UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy faculty to work directly with experts to improve the School’s courses, curriculum and assessments. Prior offerings of these hands-on workshops have focused on improving Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) and writing multiple choice questions (MCQs).
Masterclass Sessions – Led by visiting scholars who are experts in their field, these sessions provide an opportunity to present and discuss unique projects and provide an opportunity for the scholar to offer their insight regarding additional applications or suggested improvements. Masterclass sessions are open to UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy faculty and include select invitations to other UNC system health science faculty.
Pharmacy Education Research Community (PERC) – PERC is a learning community consisting of individual faculty, fellows, graduate students and others with a shared interest in pharmacy educational research. The group meets monthly to share research ideas, solicit feedback on projects, learn about innovative educational research methods, and enhance scholarly collaborations.
Preceptor Design Lab Series – In collaboration with the Office of Experiential Programs, CIPhER offers professional development workshops and seminars aimed at enhancing the skills of Eshelman preceptors. These sessions cover a wide range of relevant topics for preceptors such as providing quality feedback and designing practice experiences and activities.
Rx Writing Challenge – UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy participates in the National Rx Writing Challenge coordinated by Dr. Kristin Janke. This challenge is inspired by the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity’s 14-day challenge and is aimed at encouraging faculty to dedicate 30 minutes each day for two weeks to write for publication.
CIPhER Summer Institute in Evidence-Based Teaching and Course Design – This intensive four-day program is designed for teaching faculty and associated academic staff from pharmacy and the related health sciences who are interested in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching, assessment and course design. Through a series of practical, well-aligned seminars, assignments, workshops, team sessions, and structured mentoring, CIPhER Summer Institute participants prepare to design, implement and evaluate research-based projects to improve teaching and learning in their own programs.
Teaching Assistant (TA) and Facilitator Training – Organized and led by CIPhER these training programs provide support and training to PhD and PharmD candidates and postgraduate fellows who are teaching assistants and facilitators.
Teaching & Learning Certificate Program – The UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy’s Teaching & Learning Certificate Program (TLC) prepares early career pharmacy professionals to identify, adapt and apply effective, research-based teaching strategies and skills in a variety of contexts, including: large- and small-group teaching, precepting, continuing professional education, and/or patient and community health education. TLC also provides participants with an overview of teaching/education-related career opportunities in pharmacy and other health sciences.

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