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 Fall comes to Chapel Hill

Fall Pathway Frye 2013.JPG

                        Sunlit path in the woods

Maple CH Frye 2103.JPG

  Shades of Maple

 Red leaves CH Frye 2013.JPG

                               Rows of red leaves dangle


Morgan Cr Fall Frye 2013.JPG

 Along Morgan Creek


Scenes from Alaska 2013

Seals on ice Frye 2013.JPG

Seals afloat

Glacier Alaska Frye 2013.JPG

Water as solid, liquid and vapor

Glaciers Alaska Frye 2013.JPG

Whale Alaska Frye 2013.JPG

A whale of a time

Seals Alaska Frye 2013.JPG

Just keep swimming...

Glacier bomb Frye 2013.JPG

And the ice comes tumbling down


Antlers Alaska Frye 2013.JPG

Enjoying the meadow

Bald Eagle Alaska Frye 2013.JPG

North American Majesty

Kali's 2013 beach trip


Marsh in the morning

Beach bird Frye 2013.JPG

Strolling the beach

Pelican Frye 2013.JPG

Gliding along

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