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Collaborate with the Center

Project Proposals

The Center invites UNC faculty to contact Stephen Frye for an informal discussion of project opportunities.  Projects of particular interest to the Center will be those for which there is good fit with the Center's capabilities in assay development, compound profiling, synthetic chemistry, and a potential for joint funding. For formal collaborations, we would develop a detailed project plan (click here for a sample plan outline). Collaboration with the Center will require execution of our Proposed Invention Income Distribution Plan.

General Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Disease relevance of target/pathway – oncology focus

  • Potential scientific impact of small molecule tools

  • Tractability of assay development and ligand discovery

  • Portfolio balance and fit with center expertise

  • Funding status & prospects

Contact Stephen by email - Click Here

Contact Stephen by phone - 919-843-5486

Neuroscience Assay Development Partners

UNC Neuroscience Center Assay Development Core has partnered with the CICBDD and the NIMH Psychoactive Drug Screening Program (PDSP) to provide neuroscience investigators access to the expertise and equipment needed to develop and validate HTS compatible assays.


  • Assay Development
    • Consultation
    • Development and Validation of the assay
    • Pilot Screens with Compound Libraries
  • Pilot Screens with Compounds Libraries
    • LOPAC Set (1280 compounds)
    • Kinase targeted set (4727 compounds)
    • Epigenetic targeted compounds set (~1400 compounds)
  • Consultation
    • Medicinal chemistry for analysis and prioritization of lead compounds from pilot screens
    • Planning the next steps for translational drug discovery

If interested in a consultation, investigators should contact Emily Hull-Ryde (below) or Stephen Frye (above).

Contact Emily by email -

Contact Emily by phone - 919-843-9008



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