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ACPE Program Accreditation Submissions

Must be submitted PRIOR to registration opening and must be received AT LEAST 45 days before the start date.

Please follow the link below to the ACPE program accreditation submission document. You will need the following information to submit a request: Organization, Program contact, activity title, brief description, target audience, learning objectives, format, number of hours, program date(s), and location(s).

ACPE Program Accreditation Submission Link

Templates and Examples

The following template/example documents are listed below:


  • Requests must be submitted through the above program submission link with the required details for ACPE accreditation. In addition to those details, the following materials must also be submitted at least 10 days PRIOR to the program taking place.
    • Completed program brochure/screenshot of the program registration page
    • Signed Speaker Letter
    • Speaker CV/Resume/Bio
    • Signed Conflict of Interest Document
    • Completed Active Learning Plan
    • Completed GAP Analysis
    • A final copy of presentation materials
    • Signed pharmacist course coordinator attestation
  • The following items must also be received by our office after the program to upload participant credit.
    • Participant attendance/sign-in sheet
    • Learning Assessment Documentation
    • Completed participant evaluations
  • Completed brochures/program pages must include the following:
    • Program Title
    • Date and Location (City, State)
    • CO-sponsorship Statement
    • Target Audience (all professions should be listed if the program is interdisciplinary)
    • Knowledge-/application-based statement
    • Learning objectives (applicable to each profession)
    • Program agenda
    • Number of CE hours
    • Speaker info with title and degree
    • Registration information – how/where, format options, fees & refund policy (even if no fees collected)
    • ACPE logo and credit statement
    • Course coordinators/planning committee
    • For home-study only – initial release and expiration dates

Requests must be submitted through the above program submission link PRIOR to opening registration or at least 30 days before the program date.

Please submit final rosters in a timely manner. Ideally no more than 2-3 weeks post-program. This allows time to reach out to any participant whose credit may have been rejected to correct their information and resubmit credit. ACPE requires credit to be uploaded within 60 days of the program date. After that date, they close the program and no credit is able to be uploaded.

Please let us know of changes that occur in your program has been approved. Upon approval, you were sent an Activity Description Form (ADF) outlining the details submitted to ACPE for accreditation. If any of the details listed have changed, that information will need to be updated with ACPE as well. These changes must be made prior to the program date, but will not require a new ACPE activity number.

Each program is identified at a specific competency level, knowledge, application, and practice. There are certain expectations and verbs that should be used for each of those competencies. If an objective was updated/revised, it was most likely phrased in a way that was not associated with that competency level.

No, if a program has already been approved, and the title, objectives, number of hours are the same you can request the next session date be added to that activity by emailing Austin Companion directly.

Approved Programs Content Submissions