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Emekalam Receives Subgrant to Fight Diabetes


Clinical assistant professor Anthony Emekalam, PharmD, has received a $20,000 subgrant from the Centers for Disease Control to support a pilot program for diabetes prevention and management care.

The subgrant comes from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing’s REACH US: SEA-CEED program. It will fund Steps of Faith, a project that recruits local ministers to help persuade members of the black community to get more diabetes screenings, exercise more, and switch to healthier diets.

The program will focus on heads of households or leaders of families with a history that puts them at risk for diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. The participants will be encouraged to follow a diabetes-management regimen specifically designed for their individual needs. They will also be trained to mentor to other members of their family.

This is the second consecutive year that Emekalam, a faculty member at the School’s Elizabeth City satellite campus, has received the subgrant for the Steps of Faith project.

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