Aubrie Rafferty, Pharm.D.

Assistant Professor of Clinical Ed.

Aubrie Rafferty is a graduate of the Harrison School of Pharmacy at Auburn University in Auburn, AL. She completed a PGY1 pharmacy practice residency at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis in 2008-2009. Upon completion of residency, she worked for four years as an Adult Medicine pharmacist, working in areas such as women’s surgery, neurology, renal medicine, psychiatry, orthopedics, pulmonary medicine, and general medicine. During this time she served on many multidisciplinary committees such as the Delirium Advisory Committee and the Falls Prevention Committee, and worked closely with the geriatrics team at Mission Hospital.

Currently she is the Transitions of Care Pharmacist. This was a brand new position for Mission Health in 2013, and she spends her time developing new services and opportunities for learners and bridging ambulatory care and acute care pharmacy in the Asheville community.

Transitions of Care, geriatrics, patient outcomes, quality improvement


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  • Paarlberg J, Kirkpatrick K, Rafferty A, Sutherland S. Evaluation of Intravenous Acetaminophen Use and Outcomes in Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery Patients. Poster presentation at ASHP Midyear Meeting, Orlando, FL, 2013 and the South Eastern Residency Conference, Athens, GA 2014.
  • Zeeman J, Kirkpatrick K, Rafferty A, Sutherland S. Effects of IV Acetaminophen Compared to IV Ketorolac for Pain Management in Women’s Gynecological Surgery. Poster presentation at ASHP Midyear Meeting, Orlando, FL, 2013.
  • Giddens A, Coyle M, Taylor S, Rafferty A, Iacono S. Physician-Pharmacist Collaborative Team for Improved Patient Care. Poster presentation at ASHP summer meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 2013.
  • Duffey K, Rafferty A. Project Boost: A Pharmacist Perspective. Poster presentation at Mission Hospital Quality Day, Asheville, NC, 2010.

Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn University – Pharm.D.

The Regional Medical Center at Memphis – PGY1 Residency