High-performance Liquid Chromatography virtual lab.

The High-performance Liquid Chromatography virtual lab won gold honors in three categories in this year’s international Hermes Awards.

The Hermes Awards honor the messengers and creators of traditional and emerging media and symbolize a mark of excellence in the marketing/communications field. The PharmAlliance development team’s project won gold in the following categories: E-Learning, Interactive Capabilities and Web-based Multimedia. The competition is set up with 200 categories distributed under the headings: Print Media, Public Relations/Communications and Electronic/Social/Interactive Media.

The virtual lab is unique in that it combines 3D machines with simulated chromatogram software. It allows students to run experiments and familiarize themselves with three types of equipment they may not have access to on site.

“HPLC is one of the most used techniques in laboratories in research and industry, so the HPLC Virtual Lab is a great tool to give the students an in-depth understanding of the complexity of HPLC method development,” said Laurence Orlando, project investigator. “These awards are a fantastic recognition of a great collaboration between Monash University, UNC and University College London.”

The project was a PharmAlliance team effort that included Laurence Orlando, Rob Hubal, Jason Whitley, Joel Floyd, Nick Hatcher, Stefan Huth, Carson Yuan, Keith Sewell, Vuong Pham, Pamela Corloncito, Gareth Williams, Adam Phillips, Satinder Sembi, Kieran Burgess and Stefanie Chan.


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