Individual Faculty Members’ Labs and Research



Susan Blalock, PhD

Research Focus

Evaluation of community-pharmacy based programs focused on illness prevention and disease management.


Albert Bowers, PhD

Research Focus

The synthesis, assessment, and modification of potential therapeutic leads, especially those derived from natural products.


Kim Brouwer, PharmD, PhD

Research Focus

Mechanisms of hepatic uptake, translocation and biliary excretion; drug transport; pharmacokinetics; and aberrant gastrointestinal drug absorption phenomena.

Delesha Carpenter, PhD, MSPH

Delesha Carpenter, PhD, MSPH

Research Focus

Interpersonal influence on disease self-management for persons living with chronic illnesses such as arthritis, vasculitis, lupus, diabetes, and asthma.

Drug Disposition Laboratory

Research Focus

Elucidating the mechanisms that determine the kinetics of drug disposition and action. The lab’s current focus is primarily on drug transport phenomena, especially as they relate to drug distribution, elimination and pharmacologic response, how these processes may be affected by disease states, age, patient variables, and pharmacologic/toxicologic interactions.


Gang Fang, PharmD, MS, Phd
ETrUOP Research Program

Research Focus

Evaluating treatment utilization and comparative treatment effects on patient-centered outcomes in population.


Joel Farley, PhD

Research Focus

Evaluation of the public policies used to manage prescription medications, with a particular interest in the effect of Medicaid prescription cost-containment policies on vulnerable populations.


Nate Hathaway, PhD

Research Focus

Understanding the biological events responsible for dynamically regulating the selective expression of the mammalian genome.


Roy Hawke, PharmD, PhD

Research Focus

The study of drug metabolism enzymes (cytochrome P450s) and hepatobiliary transporters to determine their roles in: liver disease pathobiology and drug-induced hepatotoxicity.


Shawn Hingtgen, PhD
Targeted Cellular Therapeutics and Imaging Lab

Research Focus

Coupling specially engineered stem cell-based delivery of targeted therapeutics and molecular imaging technologies to discover new treatments for incurable brain cancers and other tumors.


Leaf Huang, PhD
Laboratory of Drug Targeting

Research Focus

Using liposomes and immunoliposomes for drug delivery. Current activities are focused in the development of non-viral vectors for gene (including oligonucleotides) therapy, and receptor mediated drug and vaccine targeting using self-assembled nanoparticles.

Federico Innocenti

Federico Innocenti Lab

Research Focus

Identifying human germline genetic variants, using genomic approaches, which will predict clinical cancer outcomes and responses to pharmacological therapies


Michael Jay, PhD

Research Focus

The application of pharmaceutical approaches to solve problems related to nuclear imaging and therapy, and the use of radioanalytical approaches to solve problems encountered in the development of novel formulations and drug delivery systems.

Jian Jin

Jian Jin, PhD

Research Focus

Discovering chemical probes of protein methyltransferases, nonnucleoside inhibitors of DNA methyltransferases, and functionally selective ligands of GPCRs.


Alexander “Sasha” Kabanov, PhD
Polymer Therapeutics and Nanomedicine Lab

Research Focus

Development of novel nanomedicines and engineered cellular therapies for cancer, stroke, neurodegenerative disorders, and other life threatening diseases.


Angela Kashuba, PharmD

Research Focus

Preclinical and clinical pharmacology and analytical chemistry with the goal of optimizing the prevention and treatment of HIV infection.

Hal Kohn

Harold Kohn, PhD

Research Focus

The delineation of the mechanism of action of clinically approved and emerging drug candidates and in the broad disciplines of drug discovery and target identification and validation.


Sam Lai, PhD
Lai Research Group

Research Focus

Infectious diseases and drug delivery to and imaging of metastatic tumors

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee, PhD

Research Focus

Using NMR spectroscopy to study the relationship between protein structure and dynamics and how these respond to perturbations such as binding (natural ligands or drugs) and mutation (evolution)

Craig Lee

Craig Lee, PharmD, PhD

Research Focus

The role of genomics in the development, progression and treatment of cardiovascular disease, with a focus on eicosanoid metabolism, inflammation and endothelial dysfunction

KH Lee

Kuo-Hsiung Lee, PhD
Natural Products Research Laboratories

Research Focus

Medicinal chemistry, bioactive natural products, new drug discovery and development, and Chinese medicine.

Jian Liu

Jian Liu, PhD
Glycobiology Laboratory

Research Focus

Identification of polysaccharide-based receptor; structure and specificity of a heparan sulfate-based herpes simplex virus 1 receptor; drug targeting; gene therapy.

Rihe Liu

Rihe Liu, PhD
The Functional Proteomics Laboratory at School of Pharmacy and Carolina Center for Genome Sciences

Research Focus

Using in vitro protein selection strategies to address biological problems on a proteome-wide scale.The major tool used in the lab is a novel technique called mRNA display, in which a protein is covalently linked to the 3′ end of its own mRNA.


Adam Persky, PhD

Research Focus

Pharmacy education; pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of dietary supplements; interaction of exercise and/or nutrition on drug disposition and action; skeletal muscle physiology and pathophysiology and agents that influence form and function.

Betsy Sleath, PhD, George H. Cocolas Distinguished Professor

Betsy Sleath, PhD

Research Focus

Physician-patient communication about medications and mental health issues, ethnic/racial differences in medication use, and health behavior and medication adherence.


Dhiren Thakker, PhD

Research Focus

Intestinal absorption and disposition of drugs, with emphasis on transport mechanisms, both paracellular and transcellular, and interactions between drug transport and metabolism.


Tim Wiltshire, PhD

Research Focus

Linking genes and disease through the use of haplotype-associated mapping. Our major focus is on anxiety and depression and the drugs used to treat them.


William Zamboni, PhD

Research Focus

Translational studies of anticancer agents.


Qisheng Zhang, PhD

Research Focus

Studying endogenous, small molecule-protein interactions and their downstream signaling.