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What comes to mind when you see the name Heyward Hull?

heyward_hull“Heyward is the ultimate mentor. He really cares about teaching by example and by experience. He is very dedicated to teaching, and takes the time to fully explain difficult concepts in ways that are understandable. He is kind, caring, and compassionate. He buffers and protects his students, and sets an example of very high integrity.” 
– King Jolly



 “Learning from Heyward was never boring, it was always an adventure. He could combine imparting knowledge with sharing a story of his own experiences.”
– Purav Bhatt

“He commanded respect without arrogance. He would impart wisdom with genuine excitement. He could get us excited about clinical trials.”
– Rob Kustra

“Heyward never stops teaching. Even as a department head, he was never too busy to stop and help.”
– Karol LaCroix

“Heyward was a guide. He would ask, not tell. He is good at listening and asking the right questions.”
— Rick Fleck

Thanks to Heyward, UNC enjoys one of the best fellowship programs in the country.

“Heyward blazed the trail for pharmacists in the clinical drug development process. The UNC-Burroughs Wellcome fellowship program that he and his colleagues established nearly 40 years ago has been replicated by several universities and companies and created opportunities for scores of pharmacists to become key players in the development of new medicines.” – Karl Donn

Help us honor Heyward’s contributions to UNC and the fellowship program with a gift today to the “Heyward Hull Fund.”

Your gift, combined with gifts from others, will help us support graduate students and fellows with financial assistance for travel and professional development. A gift of $1,000 provides one fellow or graduate student with a travel grant – we hope you’ll consider sponsoring a student!

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