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Seamlessly blending chemistry, biology and computational science to discover new therapeutic agents and targets

The Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry (CBMC) is engaged in the education and research of the principles of drug discovery with a focus on identifying new therapeutic agents and targets.


Our faculty is comprised of the creators of three FDA-approved drugs, NIH study section members, entrepreneurs, editorial board members, and authors of hundreds of scholarly works.

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CBMC is training the next generation of researchers specializing in drug discovery, and a clear strength is the cadre of young scientists comprising our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

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CBMC has research strengths in the synthesis and structure-activity characterization of pharmaceutically relevant small molecules and natural products; bioorganic and chemical biology studies of the properties of designed small-molecule ligands and their cognate drug targets, including proteins, nucleic acids, and glycoconjugates; combinatorial biochemistry and proteomics for the identification of novel signaling pathways and drug targets; structural biology and biomolecular dynamics of drug-protein interactions; chemo- and bioinformatics; and molecular modeling.

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David Lawrence
(919) 966-5587


Albert Bowers
Vice Chair
(919) 962-4336


Qisheng Zhang
Director of Graduate Studies
(919) 966-9687


Ain Mason
Graduate Studies Coordinator
(919) 843-8113

Nate Hathaway
Director of Graduate Admissions
(919) 445-9327

Adriana Munoz
Executive Assistant
919) 966-2680

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