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Shahin Sendi

Post-Doc Research Associate

Shahin Sendi



Hossein “Shahin” Sendi, MD, PhD joined UNC in 2017. He received an MD from Tehran University, Iran, an Mphil in Infection Biology from Karolinska Institute, Sweden and a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from UNC Charlotte in 2013 where he worked on molecular pathogenesis of HCV. He has been working on the molecular pathogenesis of liver diseases. At Karolinska Institute, he pinpointed several host-virus interactions in HBV infection. As a post-doctoral fellow at Wake Forest, he investigated the role of miR-122 on the molecular pathogenesis of different liver diseases using human liver organoid models.

Dr. Sendi is currently working under the guidance of Drs. Andrew Wang and Alexander Kabanov to explore nano-particle based treatment of liver metastasis.