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Clark D Jeffries, Ph.D.

Scientist - Bioinformatics Adjunct Professor

Clark D Jeffries

Adjunct Professor


(919) 260-6576
Europa Center, Europa Drive, CB# 7583, Chapel Hill, NC, 27517, , Europa Center, 100 Europa Drive, CB# 7583, Chapel Hill, NC, 27517

Clark Jeffries is a mathematician with expertise in predictive machine learning. Methods Jeffries has invented have been recently applied to clinical high-risk datasets, yielding novel approaches to address reproducible classification and to avoid overfitting. He is acquainted with both the promise and pitfalls of machine learning. Jeffries is also an expert in various mathematical modeling techniques, especially related to stability theory and graph theory. He is currently a bioinformatics scientist with Renaissance Computing Organization of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Formerly, he was a professor with Mathematical Sciences of Clemson University, then a designer with Microelectronics Division of IBM Corporation. At Clemson, he wrote more than 50 scientific papers and at UNC he became among inventors on 117 issued US patents. His total of current issued patents is 121, and one more (with D. Perkins pertaining to prodrugs of monomethyl fumarate) being processed, to be assigned to UNC.

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