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The UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy Alumni Association presents two alumni awards each year.

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The Samuel B. Burrus Family Award for Community Service

The Burrus Family Award is given to an alumnus (or to a husband/wife team in which at least one member is an alumnus) of the School in recognition of outstanding and unselfish civic, community, or church volunteer service outside the scope of regular pharmacy practice. Occasionally the award may be given to a pharmacist functioning in the public interest at the state or national level.

Recipients receive one monetary award for themselves and one monetary award for a charity of their choice.

Nomination Criteria:

  • Graduate of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
  • History of community service, including engagement with non-profits, schools, churches and other organizations not necessarily related to the practice of pharmacy
Year Student Alumnus or Alumna
2019-2020 Paul Stevenson
2018-2019 Ashley Henson McKnight Lynn Kieffer
2017-2018 Libbie Dellinger Samuel Goodwin
2016-2017 Rachel LaBianca Gary Bowman
2015-2016 Andrew Beaty Arnold and Susan Britt
2014-2015 Emily Peedin Henry and Tracey Smith
2013-2014 Jonathan Hale Evelyn Lloyd
2012-2013 Jody Church Don Heaton
2011-2012 Davon Townsend Jill and Eric Wolford
2010-2011 Kimberly Mason Phebe and Paul Kirkman
2009-2010 Holly Barrier Kader and Margaret Ramsey
2008-2009 Harry Marcelin Robert and Linda Taylor
2007-2008 Katherine McCall George Brookins
2006-2007 Susan Herndon Cliff and Linda Butler
2005-2006 Kim Kelly Raymond Heath
2004-2005 Lisa Elsdon Ralph and Daphne Ashworth
2003-2004 Laurie Anderson Al and Shirley Rachide
2002-2003 Kristen Farris Bill Simmons
2001-2002 Tracey Simmons George and Erie Cocolas
2000-2001 Ami Deaton Frank and Peggy Yarborough
1999-2000 Amy Hatfield Jimmy and Vivia Creech

The Distinguished Service Award

The Pharmacy Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award is presented to an alumnus or alumna whose accomplishments and/or contributions enhance the School and profession of pharmacy at the local, state, national, or international levels.

Nomination Criteria:

  • Graduate of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
  • A record of professional and/or extra-professional activities to advance the practice of pharmacy, and/or contributions of time, talent or financial support to benefit the School
Year Alumnus or Alumna
2019-2020 Allen “Jo” Cato III
2018-2019 Stephanie Gardner
2017-2018 Pam Joyner
2016-2017 Gene Minton
2015-2016 Donna Gutterman
2014-2015 Gray Hutchison
2013-2014 Mickey Watts
2012-2013 Gary Yingling
2011-2012 Gene Anderson
2010-2011 Neal Fowler
2009-2010 Barry Bunting
2008-2009 Cliff and Linda Butler
2007-2008 Martin DeBerardinis Jr.
2006-2007 David S. Moody Jr.
2005-2006 Henry Lewis Smith
2004-2005 John A. “Sandy” McNeill
2003-2004 Joe and Betty Rowe
2002-2003 Fred Eshelman
2001-2002 Nancy and Vaughn Bryson
2000-2001 Benny Ridout
1999-2000 George Abercrombie
1998-1999 Mary Lynn Bell
1997-1988 Milton Whaley
1996-1997 Jim McAllister
1995-1996 John Henley
1994-1995 Whit Moose
1993-1994 Banks Kerr
1992-1993 Betty Dennis
1991-1992 Seymour Holt
1990-1991 William R. Adams Jr.