Preparing for a career in Pharmaceutical Sciences

If you are interested in pharmaceutical sciences, you should start your preparation as early as possible.

  • In your high school and undergraduate years, challenge yourself in the hard sciences.
  • Gain research experience in science-focused laboratories.
  • As an undergraduate student, explore opportunities to work with faculty members on publications and professional presentations.

Our program has a competitive application process and if admitted, you will be challenged and supported to maximize your potential.  We will provide you with career and professional development opportunities and we will encourage you to seek prestigious fellowships and awards.

We are looking for individuals who want to be leaders and innovators in the world of pharmaceutical sciences.

Skills we seek

We seek candidates who can contribute to one of the country’s premier research universities in collaboration with other healthcare disciplines, universities, hospitals, and corporations. Successful candidates will be able to work in a collegial environment with engineers, computer scientists, chemists, biologists, medical professionals, and professionals in other non-healthcare disciplines on achieving positive global and domestic impact on pharmacy research, discovery, delivery, and patient care.
We seek applicants who are able to apply their unique background and learning to areas of highly specialized research. Some of our faculty are engaged in discovering solutions to treating specific diseases and drug-delivery problems. We are interested in candidates who are eager to learn about the research being conducted here and who seek to contribute to the work being done; or who seek to discover new information about a problem and its potential solution.
The ideal candidate will be motivated to seek new and innovative ways to achieve success. Whether it is an idea for improving efficiency in the lab, an idea for an improved educational experience, an idea that leads to a new patent or start-up venture, or an idea that leads to a new drug or treatment. We welcome innovators and we encourage applicants who seek to explore new ways of solving problems.

Incoming Student Characteristics