Breanna-SundermanThe PGY1 Community-based Pharmacy Residency Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was established in 2000. It is one of the oldest accredited residency programs of its kind in the nation.

Our PGY1 Community-based Pharmacy Residency Program will prepare you to be an innovative clinical practitioner who can be a leader in the profession. You will have the skills, confidence, and experience to create change and advance patient care services in community pharmacy practice.

Our program has residency sites at independent and national chain pharmacies throughout North Carolina. The type of patient care environment can vary greatly, but our sites are centered around a community pharmacy that focuses on providing health and wellness services, disease state education, disease state management, and medication therapy management.

Meet our current and past residents

About the Program

How long is the residency?

A PGY1 Community-based Pharmacy Residency Program is 12 months in duration and consists of at least 2,000 hours of education and training experience. The orientation for our program begins in late June.

With whom will I work?

There are multiple preceptors at each residency site. A site coordinator, who will be your primary contact, oversees your training and works with other preceptors to ensure that you receive the required learning experiences.
Meet our Preceptors

What will I do in the residency?

As a fully integrated member of the team at the residency site, you will

  • learn first-hand what works and what areas could be improved upon in a community pharmacy;
  • partner with experienced practitioners to initiate new programs and expand and enhance existing services; and
  • provide fresh perspectives and insights for the site staff.

Although activities may vary a little from site to site, all sites have required learning experiences for residents:

Required Learning Experience Percent of Time
Apply medication therapy management skills in direct patient care 50%
Develop new or evaluate existing patient care services 10%
Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the medication use system 10 to 20%
Educate patients, health care practitioners and student pharmacists 10 to 15%
Design and conduct a residency project 10%
Participate in other activities (community outreach, professional engagement, electives) 5 to 10%

Applying to Our Program

  • The deadline for applications is January 1.

Program Requirements

  • Doctor of pharmacy degree
  • Eligible for North Carolina pharmacist licensure (will not sponsor nonimmigrant or immigrant status)
  • Participate in the National Matching Service (NMS)
  • Participate in the Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service (PhORCAS)
  • In addition to the standard information provided via PhORCAS, please be sure that your application includes:
    • A letter of intent specific to the site you are applying to (i.e. Moose Pharmacy, Walgreens Chapel Hill)
    • Three (3) references (each must complete the standard reference form; a separate letter of recommendation is not required)
    • A headshot
    • A leadership statement answering the question, “What is your philosophy on leadership?” (limit 500 words)
Please note: The Headshot and leadership philosophy must be uploaded (as one combined file) in the Supplemental section of your PhORCAS application.  The accepted file format is either MSWord (.doc and .docx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf).  The size limit for the file upload is 5MB.

To apply for the PGY1 Community-based Pharmacy Residency Program at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, follow these two steps:

  1. Register for the National Matching Service (NMS “The Match”). Note: Do this before step 2.
  2. Apply to our program through PhORCAS.
Please note: NMS “The Match” and PhORCAS are separate services operated by separate entities. PhORCAS distributes application information to programs to initiate the application process, while the Match is used by applicants and programs at the end of the application process to determine the final placement of applicants with programs.

Applying to more than one residency site

When selecting your designations in PhORCAS, you may apply to any of our sites:

  • Sona Pharmacy & Clinic (NMS 193229)
  • UNC/Campus Health Services (NMS 193221)
  • Moose Pharmacy (NMS 193223)
  • Realo Discount Drugs – New Bern (NMS 193228)
  • Realo Discount Drugs – Jacksonville (NMS 193230)
  • Realo Discount Drugs – Specialty Care (NMS 193222)
  • Rx Clinic: (NMS 193231)
  • Walgreens Asheville (NMS 193225)
  • Walgreens Chapel Hill (NMS 193215)

You will be charged only one fee from PhORCAS, even if you apply to multiple sites within our program. While you may apply to multiple sites within our program, please note that you may not receive interviews for all of the sites selected. We recommend only applying to those sites that match your overall goals for completing a residency.


For more information about the Community-based Pharmacy Residency Program, please contact:

macary_marciniakMacary Marciniak, Pharm.D.
Director, Community-based Pharmacy Residency Program
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
CB 7574
Beard Hall 115G
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7574
Phone: 919-843-9929