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The Postgraduate/Continuing Education Program (PGCE) sponsors and cosponsors many types of programs. PGCE offers regional, statewide, and a limited number of national and international seminars, workshops, certificate programs, and residency programs to advance pharmaceutical care knowledge and skills. The PGCE Program predominantly partners with the nine regional Area Health Education Centers and the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists to assist the state’s pharmacists in advancing their practices.

The PGCE Program realizes that increasing pharmacist involvement in interprofessional collaborative practices will maximize their patients’ health outcomes. Therefore, increasing effort is being dedicated toward a range of educational programs that promote pharmaceutical care within such collaborative practices—primarily through certificate programs and community pharmacy residencies.

The UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy complies with the Accreditation Council For Pharmacy Education’s Criteria for Quality for continuing education programming. Statements of continuing education credit issued to program participants indicate CE hours based on verified attendance.

CPE Monitor: New Requirement to Track your CPE

Important new requirement from the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy for all pharmacists and technicians who obtain CPE credit. The CPE Monitor system will securely track all your completed CPE credits in a central system.

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New Rule from ACPE effecting CPE Credit

  • Sixty-day submission rule enabled May 1, 2014: Providers have 60 days post the CPE activity participation date to upload the participant credit into CPE Monitor.  To date this functionality was disabled until providers and learners may get used to using the CPE Monitor service.  Since all providers are using the CPE Monitor system, ACPE will enable the 60-day submission rule May 1, 2014.  Many of you have already established your workflow systems to accommodate this rule.  What does this mean?
    1. For Live CPE Activities: The provider must upload the participant information 60 days from the date the participant completed the CPE activity. This date must be identical to the live date listed in the CPE activity in the ACPE Provider Web Tool.
    2. For Home Study CPE Activities: The provider must upload the participant information 60 days from the date the participant completed the CPE activity.  The date of participation must be between the initial release date and the expiration date of the Home Study CPE activity that is listed in the ACPE Provider Web Tool. If the participant completes the enduring (home study) activity on the date of expiration, the provider will have 60 days post-expiration date to upload the participant information.
    3. The providers should inform and educate the participants of their CPE activities of this rule.  If there are circumstances that providers may not be able to meet this rule, please contact  with the issue.  If providers have questions about this rule, please contact

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