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Student evaluation of course and instructor effectiveness is one component of an overall course and instructor assessment process. The course evaluations serve to:

  • provide students an opportunity to share feedback on the effectiveness of the course and the instructors who teach in a course;
  • provide instructors with feedback regarding student-perceived effectiveness of the course as well as their teaching methodologies and styles;
  • provide the School, specifically the Professional Program Curriculum and Assessment Committee and the Graduate Education Committee, with data to consider in course and curricular quality improvement efforts; and,
  • provide the School’s leadership, including Division Chairs and the Executive Committee, with information regarding student-reported effectiveness and impact of faculty teaching efforts.

Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluation of Course and Instructor Effectiveness

This document presents an overview of the School’s course evaluation process, and the purpose of gathering student feedback on all required and elective courses and instructors at both the professional and graduate levels.

Course Evaluation Instrument

Software: Explorance Blue

The School has contracted with Explorance Blue ( to use the online course evaluation system, CourseResponse, in gathering student feedback on course and instructor effectiveness. Course directors, instructors, and students can access course evaluations and course evaluation reports by visiting

Student Course Evaluation Summary Reports

The Office of Strategic Planning and Assessment assumes responsibility, on behalf of the School, for facilitating the course evaluation process for all required and elective course offerings in the School at both the professional and graduate levels.