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Computer Labs

There is one computer lab in Beard Hall:

  • Lab 034 (12 computer stations, 1 scanning station)

General Lab Rules

  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the labs
  2. Be considerate of fellow students and keep noise to a minimum
  3. Do not use lab computers to play games
  4. Keep web surfing and email maintenance to a minimum
  5. Please report any suspicious activity to an IT staff member

Logging on to Lab Computers

To log on to a computer simply hold CTRL-ALT-DEL down at the same time, then enter your ONYEN and password. Our login process in the labs automatically "maps" you to your home folders on AFS space. Please remember to log off using the log off icon on the desktop or by clicking on the "Start" button and then choosing "Shutdown". Make sure "log off SOP___-__" is selected. Failure to log off will allow the next user to access your home space and e-mail.

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