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Mariava Phillips
July 8, 2024

Left: Addison Clark. Right: Trinity Clanton.

Both Trinity Clanton and Addison Clark are planning to utilize their future pharmacy degrees in rural and underserved areas. With the help of UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy’s Early Assurance Program (EAP), they are on their way to making their dreams a reality.  

Clanton is a third year at UNC-Chapel Hill from Spring Hope, North Carolina and Clark is a fourth year at Appalachian State University from Smithfield, North Carolina. The School seeks to admit exceptionally talented and diverse students who will become the next generation of pharmacy leaders—just like Clanton and Clark. This led to the creation of the EAP, which is a collaboration with eight universities within North Carolina and offers early assurance of admission into the School’s Doctor of Pharmacy program after a minimum of two years of study and completion of all pre-requisite courses. 

“I have always been interested in pharmacy and helping others,” said Clanton. “I knew that this program would benefit me greatly—the EAP has provided me with resources and knowledge that will be useful in pharmacy school. It also connected me to various individuals who are willing to help and provide advice as I continue throughout undergrad.”  

Clark started researching pharmacy school’s her senior year in high school and was impressed with the School’s many accolades. Once she discovered the EAP, it was an easy decision.  

“I quickly realized that this would be my best chance at becoming a pharmacist,” she said. “It’s funny, I was certainly interested in pharmacy as a career goal, but seeing the School’s EAP solidified that interest and drove me to pursue pharmacy.”  

Not only are they both pursuing pharmacy but coming from small towns in North Carolina has given them the desire to work in a similar environment in the future. “I hope to work in a rural area in the future,” said Clanton.  

Another initiative of the School is to build the rural health care workforce across North Carolina and the EAP is inspiring future students to pursue the same. “I absolutely plan to work in a rural area; despite their faults, I’ve always known I want to work in an area that has so strongly shaped my life,” said Clark. 

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