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Mariava Phillips
June 5, 2023

jackie_zeemanAssistant Professor Jackie Zeeman, Pharm.D., has received the 2023 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Emerging Teaching Scholar Award. This award recognizes excellence in academic pharmacy faculty engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning.  

Her research focuses on the assessment of student learning in informal learning environments, including interprofessional education and co-curricular activities, and strategies to use assessment data to inform curricular initiatives. 

“My expertise resides in the scholarship of education, with a focus on assessing experiences that impact student learning and utilizing findings to guide data-driven decision making in curriculum and program development,” Zeeman said. 

She shares that student learning is a complex construct that is shaped by formal and informal learning encounters across a wide range of educational contexts. Her research has shown that a student’s experience outside of the classroom impacts their learning in a meaningful way, and she uses this information to adapt curriculum and program development.  

Currently, Zeeman is assessing student learning and competency development in an interprofessional education (IPE) environment. Few tools are competency-based for evaluating IPE and most published tools are self-evaluation or observer-evaluation of a team rather than an individual student’s competency. Zeeman’s working on multiple projects to address these gaps.  

“A foundational value I embrace in all that I do is to have a positive impact. Being selected for this award is a tremendous honor, as it signifies the impact my scholarly teaching practices and research are having across the academy,” she said. 

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