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Mariava Phillips
April 5, 2023

Max painting the mini library and showing its new home in the first floor student lounge.

Are you an avid reader or addicted to sharing any new resource you come across? If so, you’re in luck because used textbooks, pharmacy research resources and fun-reads now have a new home at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.  

Thanks to Max Bachelder, a seventh grader at Culbreth Middle School and the son of Kristy Ainslie, Ph.D., Fred Eshelman Distinguished Professor and chair of the Division of Pharmacoengineering and Molecular Pharmaceutics, the School now has a mini library where students, faculty and staff can take and share “big brain books”. 

The library, decorated in Carolina Blue, showcases the Old Well, the interlocking NC and a map that includes both the Asheville and Chapel Hill campuses. It can be found in the first-floor student lounge in Beard Hall. “The purpose is for the students and faculty to share text and other books with the greater School community,” said Kristy. “I was at Beard Hall one day and textbooks were piled by the PharmMart area. I asked my son [Max] if he would like to do a library for work and he said yes.” 

Max’s rainbow galaxy library in his neighborhood.

This is the second library Max has made. The first one was a “rainbow galaxy library” he created for his own neighborhood—bringing color and community to his own street. He was excited to do the same for the School.  

Max was also kind enough to do a short Q&A with us. 

Q&A with Max: 

What inspired you to create this library? 

Max: It is because I made a library before at my house for my neighborhood. UNC said that we could, so we did it. 

How do you hope it will be used at the pharmacy school? 

Max: To share big brain books.  

What does the building process entail? 

Max: We ordered it pre-built so all we had to do is paint it. 

Would you like to create more like this across UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus? 

Max: No, this is a special one for the school of pharmacy. 

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