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Daniel Alexander
March 13, 2023

Throughout the month of March, the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy will be highlighting stories from students, faculty, staff and alumni about women at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy who have made an impact in their lives. This week, we spoke to Jenna Miller, Suzanne Harris and Claire Stevens.

Jenna Miller, Digital Content Manager

Where are you from? 

Laurinburg, North Carolina

What UNC Pharmacy woman has made an impact on you?

When I think of a woman at the pharmacy school who has had the greatest impact on my time here, I think of Pam Davis-Reeves. She exudes positivity and tackles every project I’ve worked with her on with enthusiasm. While our work life is why we interact, even more special to me is how she takes an interest in how I am doing as a person and shows genuine interest in my family. My husband was lucky enough to work with her at UNC Health before she came to us and he experienced much the same. We are so lucky to have such a radiant light in Pam here at the pharmacy school.


Suzanne Harris, Associate Professor, Director of Well-being and Resiliency

Where are you from? 

Austin, Texas

Klarissa_JacksonWhat UNC Pharmacy woman has made an impact on you?

Dr. Klarissa Jackson is someone who has impacted me greatly during my time in the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. I have been fortunate to work with her on a project that intersected well-being and diversity, equity, and inclusion in women faculty. She is a kind and caring person, and in addition the passion she brought to this project, I also learned so much from her about successful grant writing, working within a team with diverse talents, and becoming more comfortable to be vulnerable with my colleagues. I have no doubt she will continue to leave a lasting impression on her peers and mentees for years to come.


Claire Stevens, PY2

Where are you from? 

Oxford, Mississippi

What UNC Pharmacy woman has made an impact on you?

Dr. Kathryn Fuller is one of the most influential women in my life. The time that she takes to support her students as individuals is far above and beyond that of what anyone would expect of an instructor. Personally, she has invested in me both personally and professionally to reach my goals and grow in confidence in myself. Dr. Fuller is the epitome of a strong woman, an incredible pharmacist, and an exceptional instructor whom I strive to be more like every day.


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