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Daniel Alexander
December 14, 2022

Jacqui McLaughlin, Stephen     Eckel and Youssef Naguib

Faculty members from Deraya University participated in training programs offered by the School’s Center for Innovation in Pharmacy Education and Research (CIPhER) to promote the development of their teaching skills. This is part of a partnership between the Egyptian university and CIPhER that was established in 2021. Deraya faculty participated in CIPhER’s Teaching and Learning Certificate (TLC) Program, Evidence-based Pedagogy in Pharmacy Education workshop, and various teaching and learning seminars. TLC, for example, is an online intensive program focused on improving the use of evidence-based teaching and learning practices, such as active learning and formative assessment. Deraya University is one of a few universities from outside the USA to participate in certificates and modules offered by CIPhER. 

This partnership was pioneered by Youssef W. Naguib, the International Cooperation Coordinator at Deraya University, as well as Stephen Eckel, the Associate Dean of Global Engagement at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. The two were supported by CIPhER Director Jacqui McLaughlin. 

“Evidence-based learning is a cornerstone towards a successful career” said Naguib. “We at Deraya are aware of the challenges that fresh graduates face in real life situations. Seeking to deliver a top-quality evidence-based education is the best way to conquer such challenges, which is exactly what we found collaborating with UNC-based CIPhER.” 

CIPhER’s mission is to transform health professions and graduate education locally, nationally, and globally. They aim to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of curricula and instruction by providing professional development and research support to faculty, clinical preceptors, postgraduate trainees, students, and teaching assistants. The CIPhER team believes that their continued partnership with Deraya University will help support this mission. 

“Promoting evidence-based teaching practice in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education is critical to ensuring our students are prepared for the challenges of healthcare,” said McLaughlin. “This partnership helps us meet this need by equipping educators with the skills they need to train students effectively and efficiently.”

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