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Brittany Jennings
January 8, 2021

With Franklin Roye, PharmD, president and co-founder of IndyCare; and UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy alumnus

Imagine that you have the flu. But now you don’t have to visit your doctor to get tested or go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription – all while potentially exposing numerous others. Instead, you have a telehealth appointment, and then someone drives to your house, where they test you and bring you the medicine you need. Franklin Roye, president and co-founder of IndyCare, shares how his company transforms independent pharmacies into integrated healthcare hubs that use these and other approaches to expand access to care in local communities. Roye explains how IndyCare had to adapt its business model during COVID-19, the value of co-founding a company with someone you trust, what he learned at the Launch Chapel Hill accelerator, and the rise in entrepreneurial thinking he sees among health scientists.

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