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Brittany Jennings
October 23, 2020

Ph.D. student Yien Liao.

Ph.D. student Yien Liao recently earned the Ministry of Education of Taiwan’s Government Scholarship to Study Abroad (GSSA) to further her studies and research at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.

The $32,000 fellowship will provide two years of support of Liao’s thesis which explores glycoscience, specifically in synthetic oligosaccharide (carbohydrate) applications in sepsis and liver/kidney ischemia-reperfusion. Liao studies in the School’s Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry in the lab of Jian Liu, Ph.D.

“Searching for new carbohydrate-based molecules to control dysregulated inflammatory responses will be a crucial step for the treatment of many diseases,” Liu said. “The fellowship will give her the opportunity to work on this important study.  I am very happy for Yien and congratulate on her remarkable success.”

About the fellowship, Liao said, “It is my pleasure to receive the Government Scholarship to Study Abroad from Taiwan. The fellowship is awarded to young Taiwanese Ph.D. students in various fields to support their research worldwide. I feel honored to be selected and excited to continue my work in Dr. Jian Liu’s Lab.”

Liao said fellowship awardees are also provided a networking platform to build connections with other researchers who previously received the fellowship and to learn about potential careers paths following graduation.

As for the future, Liao said, “I hope to acquire essential skills to conduct independent research in my Ph.D. training, aiming to facilitate glycoscience and develop carbohydrate-based therapeutics either by working in pharmaceutical industries or at research institutes in the future. As an international student, I hope to share my experience of studying abroad and helping prospective international students to fulfill their dreams.”

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