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Faculty Featured General Staff, Mollie Scott
Grayson Mendenhall
July 16, 2018

Clinical Associate Professor Amanda Corbett, Pharm.D. (right), leads the engage group at the inaugural retreat of the School's Resiliency and Well-Being Task Force.
Clinical Associate Professor Amanda Corbett, Pharm.D. (right), leads the engage group at the inaugural retreat of the School’s Resiliency and Well-Being Task Force.

The UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy’s Resiliency and Well-Being Task Force held its inaugural meeting at a June 26 retreat at the N.C. Botanical Gardens.

The team, chaired by Mollie Scott, Pharm.D., and Brad Wingo, M.Ed., is charged with creating innovative ways to foster the mental and physical well-being of School students, faculty and staff. Scott is the regional associate dean for the School’s Asheville satellite campus. Wingo is the director of curricular and student affairs.

“The need to improve resilience and well-being of health-care professionals is receiving national attention due to high rates of burnout and mental illness,” Scott said. “The creation of this task force will help the School learn more about this important issue and develop strategies to improve the well-being of students, faculty and staff.”

The task forc

e consists of staff and faculty members from the School as well as both Pharm.D. and graduate students. It is divided into six groups:

  • The explore group, led by Kelly Collins, will investigate similar initiatives at other UNC schools and recommend best practices.
  • The assess group, led by Jackie Zeeman, Pharm.D., will quantitatively measure well-being at the School and use focus groups to seek solutions.
  • The promote group, led by Rho Chi tutor Desmond Cariveau, will identify resources and research on ways to promote a resilient culture at the School.
  • The prevent group, led by Suzanne Harris, Pharm.D., will develop educational strategies that help pharmacy students form lifestyles and habits that promote their well-being and resilience.
  • The respond group, led by Lindsey Kennedy, Pharm.D., will create a plan for mental health emergencies and develop a system to identify students at risk of burnout.
  • The engage group, led by Amanda Corbett, Pharm.D., will communicate with staff about mental health resources at the School and promote interprofessional well-being initiatives.

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