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Grayson Mendenhall
July 29, 2016

Angela KashubaAngela Kashuba, Pharm.D., has been selected as the 2017 American College of Clinical Pharmacy Therapeutic Frontiers Lecturer.

Kashuba, the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy’s John A. and Deborah S. McNeill Jr. Distinguished Professor, is the chair of the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics, the director of the UNC Center for AIDS Research Clinical Pharmacology and Analytical Chemistry Core and the director of the UNC CARE Collaboratory for Eradication of HIV Pharmacology Core.

ACCP is a 17,000 member professional association of clinical pharmacy scientists, practitioners and educators. The organization selects a distinguished scientist each year to present the prominent Therapeutic Frontiers Lecture and to highlight the research that is advancing the field of pharmacotherapy.

About 2,000 clinical pharmacists will attend the 2017 Annual Meeting, which will be held Oct. 7-10, 2017, in Phoenix.

Kashuba’s research focuses on the role of antiretroviral therapy in the prevention and cure of HIV along with optimal dosing for treating HIV infection. She works to better understand and predict the distribution of drugs throughout the body, the interactions between drugs and the roles that sex and ethnicity play in the way drugs are processed by the body.

She also plays a major role in the partnership announced last year between UNC-Chapel Hill and GlaxoSmithKline to develop a cure for HIV/AIDS.

Kashuba joined the School in July 1997 as an assistant professor of pharmacy after finishing her postdoctoral pharmacology training at the Clinical Pharmacology Research Center at Bassett Healthcare in Cooperstown, New York. She completed her general practice residency at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto in 1991.


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