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Herb Patterson, Pharm.D.
Herb Patterson, Pharm.D.

Professor Herb Patterson, Pharm.D., is a member of the inaugural group of fellows of the Heart Failure Society of America, one of the most distinguished appointments the organization offers its members. He is also the first pharmacist to be selected to the HFSA executive council.

Patterson is the executive vice chair of and a professor in the Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics, as well as a research professor in the UNC School of Medicine Division of Cardiology.

Those nominated for the fellowship are selected based on their outstanding credentials, achievements and contributions to the field of heart failure medicine and their commitment to quality heart failure care, and they are acknowledged for their professional accomplishments and contributions to society.

“Dr. Patterson has a distinguished career in heart failure patient care and research,” said Angela Kashuba, Pharm.D., chair of DPET and the John and Deborah McNeill Distinguished Professor. “He is truly deserving of this recent award and honor, as they reflect the significant impact he has made in the field. Dr. Patterson is a true pioneer and an important role model for other pharmacy clinician-scientists.”

“What motivates all of us, no matter what you teach or what area of research you are pursuing, is improving patient care,” Patterson said. “I’m proud that a lot of research we’ve done has contributed directly to drugs that have improved the lives of patients with heart failure. That’s the thing that makes it all worthwhile.”

Patterson received his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Tennessee, coming to the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy in 1981 after completing his residency. His research, teaching and clinical activities have centered around cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, focusing specifically on heart failure. He has been active in the UNC Heart Failure Program since it was established in 1984, serving as an investigator on numerous heart failure clinical trials.

Along with HFSA, Patterson holds memberships in the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. He is also a fellow in the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.

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