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Grayson Mendenhall
May 16, 2016

The Doctor of Pharmacy classes at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy selected their favorite instructors for this past year. The winners were presented with an instructor of the year award at the 2016 annual Awards Ceremony held April 24.

Heidi Anksorus 600x400
Heidi Anksorus, Pharm.D.

Heidi Anksorus

Anksorus is a clinical assistant professor in the Division of Practice Advancement and Clinical Education. This is her first time being chosen as overall instructor of the year. She was selected as the PY3 instructor of the year in 2016, 2015 and 2013.

“Being selected by the Class of 2016 as the overall instructor of the year is an incredible and meaningful honor,” Anksorus said. “As a faculty member at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, I find that the opportunity I have to develop relationships with my students over the course of four years is one of the most rewarding things about my job. I am humbled by their generosity in selecting me for this award and am excited to see where they are headed in the next chapter of their pharmacy story.”

After receiving her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Anksorus completed a PGY1 pharmacy practice residency at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in South Bend, Indiana. Upon completion of the residency, she was offered a position with St. Joseph, where she continued developing as a practitioner while working in various areas of the medical center’s inpatient and clinical pharmacy services, as well as working in the community pharmacy practice setting. She joined the School in 2010 and has also worked at UNC Hospitals in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center and Drug Information Center. Anksorus currently practices in the UNC School of Dentistry third-year dental student clinic, where she is also an adjunct clinical assistant professor in the Department of Dental Ecology. She is a board certified pharmacotherapy specialist and a certified asthma educator.

Anksorus teaches or coordinates the following classes:

  • PHCY 405 Pharmaceutical Care Lab 5
  • PHCY 505 Medical Terminology 1
  • PHCY 506 Medical Terminology 2
  • PHCY 507 Pharmaceutical Calculations 1
  • PHCY 508 Pharmaceutical Calculations 2
  • PHCY 513 Pharmaceutical Compounding (co-coordinator)
  • PHCY 601 Patient Care Lab
Michael Jarstfer
Michael Jarstfer, Ph.D.

Michael Jarstfer

Jarstfer is an associate professor in the Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry. He was previously named PY2 instructor of the year in 2014..

Jarstfer joined the School in 2001 after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado. He received a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and earned a Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Utah.

He studies pathways critical for human health and currently focuses on telomere biology. He is investigating the association between telomere function and cellular immortality, cardiovascular disease and cancer and is investigating the structure function relationship of telomerase. He is also interested in the pharmacological control of complex social behavior, such as social approach and social memory

Jarstfer teaches or coordinates the following classes:

  • PHCY 425 Medicinal Chemistry 3
  • PHCY 503 Molecular Foundations of Drug Action
Bob Shrewsbury, PhD
Bob Shrewsbury, Ph.D.

Robert Shrewsbury

Robert “Bob” Shrewsbury is an associate professor in the Division of Practice Advancement and Clinical Education. He was selected as the PY2 instructor of the year. He was named as the School’s overall instructor of the year in 2014.

For nearly 20 years, Shrewsbury has been teaching compounding at the School and is recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on the subject. He is a member of the United States Pharmacopeia Expert Committee on Compounding and chairs the Pharmaceutical Compounding – Nonsterile Preparations Subcommittee, which sets standards that are used in the U.S. and in 39 other countries. The USP is recognized as the official compendia of the United States in over 140 countries.

Shrewsbury received his B.S. in pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma in 1972 and his PhD from the University of Kentucky in 1977. He joined the School in 1980. His background is in basic and applied biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics and in drug-interaction mechanisms. More recently, his research interests have focused on classroom and laboratory instructional methodologies using Web-based or technology-based formats.

He has authored over 100 book chapters, numerous online education courses and continuing education seminars and national certification examination study guides for pharmacy professionals, pharmacy students and pharmacy technicians. He built and maintains a website for pharmacy compounding where 40 percent of the users are from outside the United States. He was elected as member of the USP Expert Committee on Compounding in 2010 and again in 2015.

Shrewsbury teaches or coordinates the following classes:

  • PHCY 513 Pharmaceutical Compounding (co-coordinator)
  • PHCY 404 Pharmaceutical Care Lab 4
Josh Guffey, Pharm.D.

Josh Guffey

Guffey was selected as experiential faculty member of the year. He is the associate director of pharmacy education and a clinical pharmacy specialist in internal medicine at Charlotte AHEC and an assistant professor of clinical education in the Division of Pharmacy Practice and Experiential Education. He is a board certified pharmacotherapy specialist, advanced diabetes manager and ambulatory care pharmacist, as well as a certified diabetes educator.

Guffey received his B.S. in biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his Pharm.D. from Wingate University. He completed PGY1 residencies with Carolinas Medical System and Greenville Hospital System and a PGY2 residency at the University of Georgia in ambulatory care. He came to Charlotte from the Greenville Hospital University Medical Center in South Carolina.

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